Fastest Ways To Create An Effective Marketing Plan For Amazon Businesses

Amazon Businesses

Many Amazon sellers are struggling to grow their businesses. Check out this simple (yet complete) guide to build a good marketing plan and succeed in Amazon.

Amazon is a fiercely competitive business marketplace. Every year, only about 10% of sellers succeed, and 1% reach the $1 million mark in sales. Providing beautiful designs and high-quality products is not enough. You’ll need to create an effective marketing strategy to survive on Amazon.

If you are struggling to sell on Amazon, this article is for you.

We’ll briefly cover the basics and marketing strategies for Amazon sellers to improve your sales dramatically.

The Fundamentals Of Amazon Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy refers to the long-term marketing plan for online businesses, including eCommerce websites and marketplace platforms like Amazon. If you are struggling to sell on Amazon, get help from Amazowl full service Amazon Agency.

To have a comprehensive strategy, you need to prepare and build a systematic plan with 2 main goals:

  • Understand the needs of your current and potential customers

  • Reach targeted audiences with engaging content that converts them into customers

“The nature of any marketing plan, whether traditional or digital, is the same. The ultimate goal is to find the most effective way to reach and convert buyers.”

If you don’t have a lot of in-depth knowledge or time to experiment, below are essential steps that you need to know before designing a marketing campaign for your Amazon business:

  • Research and refer to reputable market reports and customer analysis

  • Choose marketing channels and target audiences based on your research.

  • Break down the master plan into milestones for each marketing channel, its budget, and execution timeline

  • Monitor your campaigns carefully while implementing

  • Evaluate performance and results regularly. Find a balance between underspending and overspending with a positive campaign ROI

  • Adjust when needed based on the results of each period

No matter what method you follow, the preparation, execution, and monitoring stages will determine the success of your Amazon marketing plan.

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5 Fastest & Effective Ways To Create an Effective Marketing Plan On Amazon

In the first place, you don’t need to invest in all of Amazon’s marketing resources. However, you can still make a difference to your Amazon business results with limited resources.

Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies broken down by levels so you can pick and take advantage of them.


The essence of SEO is Search Engine Optimization through keywords. When your potential customers type in the search bar to learn about a specific product, you want them to stumble across your product first.

Amazon’s search engine – A9 – works with its algorithm and changes unpredictably.

Similar to Google, A9’s top priority is Searchers (in this case, buyers). So you need to optimize your product listings and descriptions based on the following formula and ranking factors:

  • Product Title: Anything related to the product that you think is important to the customer. The most critical factors to identify your product are: brand name (or seller name) and essential and unique features (quantity, color, and size).

  • Product Description: Emphasize features that benefit customers with clear bullet points with natural and engaging text.

  • Product Images: Choose large and high-quality pictures so customers can see every part of the product as clearly as possible (especially the label).

Extra tips:

  • Think like a buyer to optimize your content for 3 SEO factors: Discoverability, relevance, and sales.

  • Create a list that reflects commonly used keywords for your product category.

  • Provide up-to-date and valuable information on product pages.

  • Don’t stuff keywords. Keywords are important, but placing too many can negatively impact customers and reduce sales.

  • Use backend keywords wisely (limit to 250 characters in the back section of your Amazon account).

Content A+

This supporting feature is fully called Enhanced Brand. Previously, it was only available for Vendor products and Amazon products. But now, you can apply it to all approved Professional sellers and emerging brand owners who have joined selling programs, such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives.

With this A+ content engine, you can customize your storefront any way you want to highlight your brand and convey it visually and uniquely.

  • Combine product descriptions.

  • Modify description area with enhanced images.

  • Customize text placement selection.

As a result, the A+ content feature increases your traffic and conversion rates, and in turn, boosts your sales.

Extra tips:

  • Invest in professional copy and self-designed photos.

Social Media

To grow your brand sustainably, you can spread your brand presence beyond the Amazon marketplace, starting with the 2 most popular social networks:

  • Facebook: This platform now allows sellers to link and share product information, photos, and videos from your Amazon store to your Facebook page. You can integrate customer support services with Facebook Messenger and enable customer’s direct reviews.

  • Instagram: An image and video sharing platform like Instagram is a great and intuitive place to showcase your products in various contexts. Instagram breathes life into each of its products and features through exciting posts and events.

With a massive number of users, the above two channels are a great bridge to communicate and engage your target customers. In addition, Facebook and Instagram also offer advertising services that help you launch the most effective marketing campaigns like broad reach and specific targeting.

Extra Tips:

  • Share your social media on your Amazon brand page.

  • Connect with other brands through creative collaborations to create industry ecosystems.

  • Consider trying other social media platforms like Twitter, Linked In, or Pinterest. But remember, more doesn’t mean better. So choose wisely the platform that suits your personality and business ethos.

  • Hire someone in charge of social media management if you’re overwhelmed (visit website for more details). Since creating content requires a lot of time and effort, a talented Social Media assistant can bring a new breath to your brand.

Amazon Reviews

When shoppers cannot see or touch a product before purchasing, customer reviews and ratings become more important. A survey shows that customers tend not to interact with stores with ratings below 3.3 stars.

With the customer in mind, Amazon presents reviews back into the main section of each product page that helps customers:

  • Sort the reviews by star.

  • Search for content in the review.

  • Filter reviews by suggested keywords.

  • Review customer questions and answers.

  • Feedback and discuss directly on reviews.

The more positive reviews you have, the higher the conversion rate!

Extra Tips:

  • Ask for a product review in your order confirmation email to express gratitude for purchases.

  • Send follow-up emails to increase engagement and quickly resolve complaints or any arisen issues.

Q&A Section

Every store on Amazon has a Q&A section. However, few sellers know that this is also a great marketing opportunity to advertise their products effectively. Providing detailed and honest answers will:

  • Give you more space to talk about your products.

  • Emphasize and clarify the features and policies of your merchandise.

Extra tips:

  • Avoid providing misleading information.

  • Refer to your family and friends for more objective ideas for the most commonly asked questions.


If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably agree that it takes a lot of work to create an effective marketing plan for amazon businesses.

Depending on the nature and strengths of your business, choose the proper marketing channels and methods to stand out your brand from the crowd and enhance your visibility online. Use one or a combination of these strategies: SEO, Content A+, Social Media, Reviews, and Q&A.