National Sisters Day (August 7th, 2022) – Days Of The Year

Sisters Day

We generally celebrate the first Sunday of August as the Sisters Day date. Apart from being the National Sisters Day (August 7th, 2022) – Days Of The Year, it is also National Friendship Day. The sharing of the same date between two different occasions also seems significant. It seems to suggest that it is necessary to have a friendly relationship with your sister. Thus, this special day demands something really special.

When we talk about sisters, we are reminded of a number of famous celebrity sisters. We have the famous tennis stars Venus and Serenna Williams, who are sisters. Apart from them, we have the famous Kardashian sisters. We also know that Kate Middleton has a famous sister, Pippa. Moreover, if you are a movie lover, how can you forget that Olivia De Havilland is the sister of the late Joan Fontaine?

Read this article to know more about SIsters day.

The origin of Sisters Day

The origin of Sisters Day remains a mystery. We don’t know exactly about the creator of this day. However, Google Trends has something for us. According to Google Trends, the search for “National Sisters Day” spiked for the forest time in August 2012. In the same year, The Huffington Post shared a list of Sisters Day quotes. Since then the trend kept rising. As a result, today we have a Sisters Day date to celebrate our sisters.

An interesting Study about siblings

A 1996 Penn State University study has become quite popular. The study found that by the time children reach their 11th year, they spend about 33 percent of their free time with their siblings. This is more than the amount of time they spend with their parents, teachers, and family. In fact, it is also more than the time which they set aside for themselves. Other such studies suggest that adolescents spend 10 hours a week with their siblings, though they have less free time due to school and other activities. Psychologist Daniel Shaw of the University of Pittsburgh, while speaking to Time in 2006 compared the parents to doctors on rounds and the siblings to the nurses, who are always present.

Now let us briefly look at some celebrity sisters.

Serena and Venus Williams

The Williams sisters ruled the Tennis world for about two decades. Venus stepped into professional Tennis in 1994, merely at the age of 14. On the other hand, just one year later, Serena started her professional tennis career, in 1995. Since then Venus has won 49 singles titles and Serena Has won 72 times. The two sisters have competed against each other 28 times and have won 3 Olympic Gold medals together. Thus they have been successful both individually and as a team.

Pippa and Kate Middleton

Another famous sister duo is Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton. Kate has married Prince William and Pippa married James Mathews in 2017. In the Today Show in 2014, Pippa admitted that she is really close to her sister despite Kate’s royal status. In fact, Pippa is the aunt to Kate and Prince William’s kids.

Wrapping up

We looked at the Sisters Day date and its origin. Though nothing can be clearly said about its origin, we celebrate Sisters Day every year on the first Sunday of August. We have also seen how the celebrity siblings share a close bond themselves. All these being said, the brothers need not have to worry. We have a Brothers Day too! Isn’t that interesting?