Megamind Memes That are extremely funny and Relatable

Megamind Memes

Are you a Megamind fan? If the answer is yes, we have some wonderful news for you because we have gathered a collection of some hilarious Megamind memes and jokes with a Megamind theme that will make you laugh. Even if you do not know about or do not appreciate Megamind, the content is still entertaining and relatable, so you will like what we offer.

What is a Megamind meme?

The Megamind memes face are a screenshot from the animated film of the same name from DreamWorks in 2010. In 2022, the Megamind meme starring the main character grew to notoriety on Twitter. Under a hilarious statement, the Megamind meme is applied to show false indignation. There are numerous Megamind memes, but the one with the alien-looking bewilderment is the most well-known.

megamind meme face

Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt, and Tina Fey are among the cast members of the Megamind film. Despite its limited box office performance, it ranks among Dreamworks’ best pictures, possibly why a planned series never materialized. Nothing in our universe, not even the Megamind, is secure from the Internet. As a result, the movie inspired many memes that describe the tale and lead readers to laugh aloud. 

Funny and relatable Megamind memes

These are some of the best Megamind memes:

  • Nice try, Dad

The scenario in Megamind, where Roxanne is abducted and used as bait to pull Metro Man out and finish his rivalry with him forever, is one of the funniest parts of the entire film. Megamind starts to activate numerous torture gadgets to frighten Roxanne, including employing a tarantula, but nothing works. 

He wonders if he is even fit to be a supervillain after Roxanne laughs in his face. You will be able to relate to Megamind if you have ever been grounded as a child and genuinely enjoyed it because, in all honesty, it was simply another day at the office.

  • Know your place, brethren

Although some individuals find the topic of drunk driving to be sensitive, there is an element of the Internet that uses alcohol, drunken states, or other related scenarios to create memes. 

Even an innocent children’s film like Megamind is not immune to adult-only memes, like the one that compares the relationship between Megamind and the Minion to two brothers squabbling over who gets to bring them home after a night out. Truthfully, the incident may be used in various circumstances when taken out of context, but this one tops them all.

  • Sad Megamind memes

Moreover, it is now. After Megamind was released in theaters, the “Sad Megamind” meme became popular online and, as previously noted, has been adapted for several scenarios. The photo of Megamind’s face is perfectly perfect, but what makes it exceptional are the many captions.

‘No B*tches?’ was added to this image by someone well aware of what they were doing, and as a result, they spawned a wave of Megamind memes that are still relevant today. When the Internet works together to destroy a kid’s movie, it is just great.

  • Now that’s a tough choice

The popularity of Minecraft may have once topped that of Fortnite. Everyone knows the legend surrounding Minecraft, and both players and fans know how Mojang tricked us into assuming that the gold pickaxe would be a little upgrade above the iron pickaxe, but guess what? 

When players urgently need resources, they would much rather choose the busted wooden pickaxe than the gold one because it stinks even worse than the wooden one. Megamind is all too familiar with that emotion due to repeatedly being selected last for team sports in school.

  • That sounds like labor with extra steps

Ah, more subversive humor. These Megamind memes may not be humorous to everyone, but we will be the first to acknowledge that we do and that many others undoubtedly share my opinion. Pushing kids who once worked as enslaved people in factories to attend public school is cruel. Not much has changed. 

Where is the upgrade, then, when you are still being compelled to follow the education rules of that country whether you are working in a company or going to school? All in good fun, especially considering how amusing Titan’s experience with this random stranger is.

  • A true travesty

The close-up of sad Megamind peering through a peephole, which was inspired by the “No b*tches?” Megamind have been adapted into many Megamind memes that express the disappointment one feels when they are denied something. 

It was one of those occasions where you would never think it would get viral, but it became one of the most well-known Megamind memes ever. Since Fortnite is less popular than it previously was, this meme is a touch antiquated. However, kids between the ages of 10 and 16 would empathize strongly with a scarcity of V-Bucks.

  • I’m overstimulated, time to go

Almost every individual on the globe has experienced overstimulation at some point. It can be traveling along a packed highway after a hard day at work, grocery shopping in a crowded store, or cramming into a nightclub like sardines. 

A bus, where many passengers can be rude and selfish while traveling, is another setting where one might feel overstimulated. Simply put, there is too much going on during a bus ride, and Megamind is familiar with how it feels to be overstimulated after reintegrating into society after his change from villain to hero.

megamind meme template


Megamind may be one of the most underappreciated animated films of the twenty-first century. The movie is enjoyable and fascinating, but it has also encouraged the production of viral Megamind memes that apply to and are relatable to our daily lives. If you have not seen the movie, the Megamind will show you how exciting it is and what you must include.

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