Gracie Calaway – Interesting Details about The Undertaker’s Daughter

Gracie Calaway

We all have heard about The Undertaker and his amazing skills in the boxing ring. His real name is Mark William Calaway. Although he retired from his wrestling profession his legacy in wrestling still lives on. He is the best of the best in the sport and many new players consider him their inspiration. 

But have you ever wondered about The Undertaker’s family? Many people are unaware of his background. He has an ex-wife with whom he has two children. Here you are going to see all the details of his youngest daughter Gracie Calaway. Find out all the details of her age, what she is doing currently and more. 

Who is Gracie Calaway?

Gracie Calaway was popular from her birth because she got the celebrity status of being the daughter of The Undertaker. Her birth drew lots of attention from her father’s fans. Her father was a seven-time heavyweight champion and has won the Championship medal several times. Further, her birth date is May 15, 2005, and her birthplace is Austin, Texas, USA. So her age is 18 years. 

Who is Gracie Calaway’s mother? 

Gracie Calaway’s mother is Sara Caraway and her real name is Sara Chirie Frank. The Undertaker and Sarah Frank married in 2000 but they divorced in 2007. She was the second wife of Undertaker and they have two daughters together. They first met in 1999 during the Mark Session of WWF and they two became friends quickly because of their similar interests in the sport. Yet their marriage was only short-lived because they found that they were not compatible with each other after six years of marriage. 

Sarah Calaway was a wrestling valet and a wrestler. So she gave the wrestling genes to her daughters too. In her career, she worked with her husband in the ring and also with several popular wrestlers. Now Sarah Calaway is forty-four years old. For many years of her married life, she was always in the spotlight but after her divorce, she went under the radar. Now it seems Sarah Calaway married former actor Jason Schnuit in 2009. 

Does she have any siblings? 

Gracie Callaway has an elder sister and her name is Chasey Calaway. She was born on November 21, 2002, and like her younger sister, she also grew up in the limelight. Now she is twenty years old. Close relatives claim that Chasey is a complete tomboy. Plus she also has an account on Twitter. Both sisters are incredibly close. Further Gracie Calaway also has several step-siblings. This is because her father has been married once and currently he is in a relationship with a woman and also has a daughter with her. 

What is her father doing now? 

Gracie Calaway’s father The Undertaker is still going strong because he is with the woman he loves. She has become his wife and her name is Michelle McCool. She is also a popular personality like her husband as she is a wrestler. They both married in 2010. The Undertaker occasionally posts pictures of his wife and his little daughter on his social media pages. This proves that he is enjoying his time with his lovely wife. 

What is Gracie Calaway’s networth? 

As Gracie Calaway is the daughter of a famous wrestler she was born with a silver spoon. Her father is a rich man with a networth of $17 million. He also has several profitable investments and partnerships over the years which have increased his networth. He is a business partner of Scott Everhart in real estate. Plus he also has a large property in Austin Texas where he lives with his family. So she will inherit money from her father and live a comfortable life. 

End thoughts 

Gracie Calaway is an amazing person because she has never let her father’s popularity interrupt her life. She likes to live a simple life away from all the limelight. 

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