Exploring The Narrative of That which flows by Webtoon

Exploring The Narrative of “That which flows by” Webtoon

Reading is one of the most entertaining things you can do in your free time especially when the story resonates with your liking. There are different kinds of categories you can choose from such as horror, mystery, fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, romance, and others. 

Similarly, you can experience these genres in multiple formats like novels, comic books, graphic novels, short stories, serialized stories, and webtoons. 

If you stumble upon “that which flows by” webtoon and wondering whether is it worth your time or not then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be talking about this webtoon, what plot it offers, and whether should you spend your time reading it.

That Which Flows By : Summary

This is a fantasy, mystery, and adventure webtoon which tells us about a girl “Mai” who is the main character of the story. She has an unusual power of seeing what the future is just by holding common things. Due to this ability, she got into situations which made her question her existence as well as the reality of the world revolving around her.

Along the timeline of the story, you will get to see Mai go through events where she has to make choices based on the future she saw using her gift. Her whole life is filled with different circumstances where fate plays a very important role. Because of this, she decides to change what the future holds for her, and she receives the consequences of fiddling with the timeline. 

One of the reasons why everyone is talking about this webtoon everywhere is because of its complex character development as well as engaging storytelling. The narrative is not told in a straightforward manner, but rather in a nonlinear way by combining both the past and present timelines. This adds an extra layer of depth which you might be able to find in other fantasy webtoons. 

That which flows by

You also experience an unpredictable plot that lets see the story from the protagonist’s point of view. The creator “Eunbi Lee” made sure that this webtoon is more than just a story. The more you get to read about the good and bad, the more you find the deeper meaning of the whole plot. You get to experience this through symbolism and metaphor carefully placed everywhere.

Lastly, when you get to the end of a story arc you will find more elements that will resonate with both “Mai” emotions and your emotion as a reader. You will develop a connection with all the characters that are introduced into the story as side or filler characters. Mai choices and consequences will feel like that they are your choices and consequences.

“That Which Flows By” Artwork

The artwork in That Which Flows By is very special not because it has a lot of details into it but rather has been drawn with lots of emotions put into it. The colors are used to add a new depth to the surrounding world as well as represent each of the story arcs. You can feel the tension, sadness, consequences, happiness, and mysteries through the color palettes.

Most of the panel compositions are dynamic and they are carefully placed throughout the whole plot. The arrangement, different sizes of panels used, characters placed at an angle, and multiple arrangement assortment all have meaning behind them. Once you get into the groove of reading then you can see it very well in the pacing of the story.

Characters come to life with emotive and nuanced designs. The separate features and personalities of each character can be seen not just in their look but also in how they act and expressions. Emotional drawings allow readers to connect with the characters’ pleasures, sufferings, and hardships on a deep level.

The drawings also have hidden meanings – things like objects or backgrounds can mean something important to the story. The places where the story happens are drawn in a detailed way, making them feel real and adding to the story’s vibe.

That Which Flows By Alternatives

If you love reading mystery and fantasy webtoons such as the story of Mai and “That Which Flows By” and looking for a similar plot then these are some of the recommendations which you might like.

“Lore Olympus” – It is a fantasy story that takes place at the time of Greek mythology but has a modern twist to it. The visuals are as good as “That Which Flows By” with vibrant colors and dynamic panels. The plot is about Persephone and Hades and their journey through love, relationships, and personal growth.

“The Wrath & the Dawn” – This is a webtoon that has been adapted from a novel. The story is about “Shahrzad” who got wed to a Caliph that is known for murdering all his previous wives. It’s filled with mystery, romance, and complicated character dynamics. 

“Midnight Poppy Land” – Centered around romance and personal growth, this webtoon follows the story of Poppy, a young woman trying to navigate life after moving to a new city. It features captivating artwork and a heartwarming storyline.


Webtoons are one of the best ways to experience all types of stories in the modern day where lots of texts get boring and comic books are now outdated. If you like mystery in your life with fantasy elements such as power then you need to read That Which Flows By. The story has lots of interesting arcs and climaxes which will not only satisfy your emotions but also let you experience the plot from the protagonist’s point of view. If you want to know more about it and whether it is worth your time or not, read the article above.

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