Everything To Know About Shipping Time From UK To US: Royal Mail Tracking

Shipping Time From UK To US

Are you planning to use the royal mail and therefore have some details about the shipping time from UK to US? Then you are at the right place for sure. So, a lot of people want to know about the Royal mail and how it works. In fact, they want to know how much time it takes for international deliveries.

So, in this article, we will discuss some useful info about the UK mail collection, or Royal Mail. Moreover, we will also talk about the delivery services. So, here you will find details of the shipping time from UK to US.

A Brief Discussion On Royal Mail

So, Royal Mail is a type of service of mail collection and delivery. It works throughout the UK as well. Moreover, it works when you place letters and can parcels in post or parcel boxes in huge amounts. In addition, it has to be received in huge amount from companies and then transferred to the Royal Mail sorting offices as well.

This royal mail actually sustains and possesses England’s unique red pillar boxes. Someone introduced this first time back in 1852.

So, the Royal Mail deliveries at least once every day other than Sundays and bank holidays. In fact, they made deliveries at consistent charges for all the UK destinations. So, this type of mail primarily tries to make first-class deliveries the next business day throughout the country.

If we look at the history of the Royal mail, then we will see that it was a public service. Moreover, it was the Govt. department or public corp who operated it. So, there were a lot of shares of this Royal Mail back in 2013. However, it’s worth noting that the UK government in the initial days maintained a 30% stake in the Royal Mail. But it’s true that they sold the remaining shares two years later. So, with that, they ended the 499 years of state ownership.

Furthermore, it’s worth adding that the address format of the Royal Mail address is a bit different from the usual USPS format. In other words, on the bottom left-hand side, this one goes. So, you have to mention the return address on the backside, with the flat of the envelope.

Tracking Number Formats

So, before we move on to the shipping time from UK to US for the royal mail, let’s discuss the tracking number formats.

UK Tracking

  • It includes two letters and 7 numbers ( eg AB1234567).
  • 4 letters and 10 numbers (like ABCD1234567890).

International Tracking Of Exports

  • So, this includes 2 letters and 9 numbers with GB at the end ( AB123456789GB).
  • 12 numbers ( like 123456789012).

Shipping Time From UK To US

So, now’s the time to discuss the shipping time from UK to US. Usually, the Royal Mail takes about 5 to 9 days of on-air service. However, it can even take 42 days if it’s by surface service. Well, the UK has pretty strict security about what can or cannot be delivered as well. Therefore, if it fails on those restrictions, then there will be an obvious delay.

Moreover, the international services through this type of Mail have two categories as well. It’s either Western Europe or ‘everything else’. If you want to mail a letter to a friend but don’t want to pay 50 pounds for it, then the delivery time is 10-15 days for western Europe. For the rest of the world, it’s around 6 to 12 weeks.