Brighten Your Home With These Creative Loft Design Ideas

Loft Design Ideas

Whether you are a new homeowner or a trend-chasing bohemian, lofts offer a lot. These chic house layouts provide more space and more niche design choices. 

Of course, it’s easier to decide you want a loft than to arrive at your loft. That’s where a quick overview of loft design ideas helps point you in the right direction. 

Are you looking to maximize space, savor the decor, or build something that can be adjusted on the fly? 

Ways to fit all of these goals and more below.

Loft Design Ideas

Since the impetus behind most lofts is to offer more usable space, design ideas tend to be simple and elegant. 

to put it another way, a closet is also an additional space that can be built into a house but nobody expects it to look like anything.


Lofts as bedrooms offer either a place to sleep or a place to be alone with thoughts. 

For a bedroom design, you want to keep to a minimum of a wall-like layer and enough space to fit and get into a bed.

With those elements in place, the rest of the space transforms to fit small themes. Each wall a different color is less drastic than a full room. Building in extra storage in the form of bookcases, nooks, and drawers makes it feel functional.


Headroom is limited, so consider sitting angles and provide some space to stretch. A loft office space lets you home office with more of an ‘away’ mentality. 

Stairs work best for an office (you will need to get equipment up and down). Lighting and temperature control are musts for an office space. Work in that space with tech such as Loft Leg to ensure you have enough room above and below your loft to stay comfortable.

Offices work best when kept stark but still appealing. Warm colors and good light flow help stimulate work. don’t go too dark in colors to avoid feeling sleepy or drained when in the space.

Guest Room

When creating a loft space as a guest room, you want to be considerate of the privacy of guests. An open rail system that looks into an open space feels voyeuristic, not cozy.

Guest room loft designs need to have enough storage to let a guest unpack and feel secure. Consider open seating arrangements and avoid claustrophobia with vaulted instead of tapered ceilings.

Children Rooms

Ladders are excellent and let kids feel like their space is a clubhouse or adventure away from home. Keep your number of rungs in that ladder to the child’s age divided by two.

Child spaces should factor in thick carpeting to muffle play sounds and to avoid night creaking. 

The decor should be colorful but remember to avoid long shadows and steep overhangs. 

Think Bigger

These loft design ideas should get you started on finding exactly the look you desire. Remember to keep it simple and that it’s even easier to change up and remodel a loft than other room spaces.

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