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David Visentin
David Visentin is a Canadian actor, realtor, and reality TV star who is popular as the host of HGTV and W Networks’ Love It or List It alongside Hilary Farr.

David Visentin is a popular Canadian actor. He is also a realtor. He hosted the popular show “Love it or List it” along with Hilary Farr. The show airs on W Networks and HGTV. Visentin is a resident of Canada. This is the show which made his face familiar among many people in Canada and the US. He has also acted in many TV shows such as The Today Show; This Hour has 22 minutes and many more. Before becoming famous because of the TV shows, he worked as a sales agent.  David Visentin Wife

David Visentin: Wikis

Birth Date : June 28, 1965 Birth Place : Ontario, Canada Country : Canada Gender : Male Father Name : Nick Visentin Marital Status : Married Married With : Krista Visentin Eye Color : Dark Brown Eyes Horoscope : Cancer Net Worth : $6 million Height : 5.8 ft

David Visentin birthplace is Toronto, Canada, and he was born on 28th June 1965. He belongs to Canadian nationality. He is known to have mixed ancestral roots of ethnicity Scottish and Italian.  David Visentin

About David Visentin show

The show he hosted Love it and List is a Canadian TV show that is currently telecasted in the many channels in Canada. The show is centered in Toronto and the other areas in Ontario, Canada, and follows the same pattern in all the episodes. A couple will show their living experiences in the house they live in. The episodes mostly center on the couples who have got spilled opinions on the decision they have to make soon. They are unclear if they want to live in the current house or leave it. 

Krista Visentin
PRO, Hilary, David, inside, standing, looking at each other, full body shot

David Scott Michael Visentin comes as a real estate agent in the show who, along with the interior designer Hilary Farr goes and sees the couple’s house and shares their opinions about the house, and the duo also criticise the situation of the house. They also listen to the opinions and views of the couple. Hilary is offered the list of changes the couple wants in the house to make it look the way they desire. Hilary will have in mind their budget for the complete project. Then David is enlisted with the task of looking for a new home for the couple that meets their preferences. David has been practicing his real estate profession from the year 1987, and he is very experienced and skillful in the field. 

David Visentin net worth 2020

David Visentin net worth is calculated to be about $6 million because of his real estate occupation. He also is a part of many TV shows in Canada, such as the Love it or Lists it. The show is telecasted in channels like W networks and HGTV. The well-known production houses like the Big Coats production opted for him as the host of the show along with Hilary Farr. David’s main job in the show is to make the house owners vacate their current house to shift to a far more comfortable house. He does a great job of talking with the house owners to leave their current house.  David Visentin net worth Moreover, in the year 2013, he began to work on a television show which belonged to the unscripted category. The show is called Brother Vs Brother, and he was a part of the show till 2015. After this, between the years 2015 to 2017, he emerged in Brother Vs. Brother again as a judge. From 2018, he acted in the initial episode of Megyn Kelly Today. 

David Visentin wife 

David enjoys a happy marriage with their wife, Krista Visentin. She is known to be supportive of her husband’s career of acting in TV shows. She also offers great advice concerning his performance. Many rumors have spread from time to time because of his close relationship with his co-host Hilary Farr. This is because he appears more with her in public than his wife. However, he put an end to all of it by being ever loyal with his wife and kids that showed the doubters that action speaks louder than words. He has leaped over all the gossip that surrounded him, and he is still maintaining a lovely bond with his wife and children.  David Visentin

Family and siblings 

Visentin has a brother and a sister who were an important part of his childhood. He has shared their pictures on Twitter. He began working as a real estate agent with his father, who himself was working in that field in the company Country Living Realty. 

Visentin Height and weight  

David Visentin is known to be of height (5.8 ft) five feet and eight inches. His weight is 70 kg. He has dark brown locks and blue eyes. 


David Visentin is a popular businessman and show host. He is a well-known person in his home country Canada. He has made his appearances in many famous shows that added to his appeal.

These are the details about the actor and realtor David Visentin.