Sembaruthi (Zee Tamil) Serial – Check the Story, When it Goes Live and Cast Names

Zee Tamil

Sembaruthi, one of the most cherished Tamil-language television programmes in history played in Zee Tamil channel, is a lovely romantic and family programme. However, it debuted on October 16, 2017; since then, it has maintained a steady stream of viewers. In other words, below, we’ll go into greater detail about it:

Details About the Play in Zee Tamil

The plot of the play centres on a powerful and wealthy woman and her older son, who develops feelings for the servant girl who works at their home. In addition, the programme adopts a very family-friendly and romantic concept and features a compelling narrative full of romance. Above all, M. Jamal is the producer, and it airs on Zee Tamil. Therefore, with the highest TRP, it is Zee Tamil’s top programme.

Story Line of the Play in Zee Tamil

With their chemistry, the Adhitya and Parvathi duo is the main attraction of the show, which is all about love, passion, and family. However, Adhitya is the son of Akhilandeshwari, a wealthy, powerful, and arrogant woman. In other words, he completely contrasts her mother because he is an excellent, serious, and intelligent guy. Similarly, the girl Adhitya falls in love with, Parvathi, comes from the village and works as a maid in Adhitya’s home.

Parvathi carries out her responsibilities well and has a solid moral code. She develops feelings for Adhitya. This show features numerous instances of chemistry between a wealthy guy and a lowly housemaid who fall in love and decide to wed. Many characters attempt to end their relationships with schemes and plans, but they are unsuccessful. This is a unique love tale that others and viewers seem to enjoy it.

Timing of the Play and Casts Name

The programme debuted in October 2017 on Zee Tamil, where it is broadcast daily at 9:00 pm. The cast’s real names are Karthik Raj as Adhitya, Shabanaa Shahjahan as Parvathi, Priya Raman as Akhilandeshwari and OoruVambu Lakshmi as Vanaja.

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