Likes On Instagram And Drive Sales – The Way The Automakers Are Doing It


The visual nature of Instagram provides marketers unique marketing opportunities to engage closely with the audience and evoking the desired response in a more effective manner. Instagram is unique in its approach to connecting the world through immersive imagery and video that have attracted marketers to share their brand stories and inspire action. Instagram is a powerful channel that connects people across the globe by allowing them to share their passions and build relationships in fresh and inspiring ways. It has immensely attracted people from all walks of life, from lovers of luxury to sports fans and automobile aficionados and car shoppers, to embrace the media for advancing their love and passion.

Why marketers choose Instagram

Today, Instagram is the media of choice for marketers who want to take to storytelling to build relationships with customers and offer them an immersive experience in interacting with the brand that can reap substantial marketing rewards. With 25 million business profiles, Instagram is the media of choice for marketers who have realized its endless potential in giving the competitive edge in marketing that goes a long way to reap marketing returns. Creating a business profile on Instagram is slightly different from creating a personal profile in terms of the opportunities it provides to engage with the audience by accessing special features like analytics to gain better insights about the customer demographics. 

The beauty of marketing on Instagram is that it is possible to continuously measure the performance by analyzing various marketing metrics among which ‘likes’ are most important. Besides acquiring ‘likes’ organically, marketers can buy likes on Instagram to strengthen the marketing campaign

In this article, we will explore how Instagram has grown into the archetypal place. Here brands can connect with a community of more than 800 million Instagrammers and their various passions, whether it is what they are listening to, what they are wearing, or what they are driving.  

Buy likes on Instagram to connect with auto lovers

For long, automakers have used storytelling to connect with the audience, as evident from the numerous advertising campaigns on television and print media that inspire the audience to visit the nearest dealership to purchase a vehicle. The multiple options of visual engagement on Instagram through feeds, stories, or going live allow automakers to take their storytelling techniques to a new level that creates closer engagement and impacts the audience’s buying decision.  

The ad experience has been completely overhauled on Instagram as automobile marketers can reach the right people in more relevant ways – whether sharing videos from a recent road trip, following the favorite vehicle manufacturers, or looking to purchase a new car at the nearest dealership. Regardless of the road taken or the demographic, Instagram offers marketers the perfect way to target and reach people from all walks of life.  

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Sharing the love for automobiles and the road 

Car enthusiasts are crowding the instagram analytics tool platform and connecting with others who share the passion for cars. Hashtags like #carsofinstagram, #carswithoutlimits, and #carlifestyle are most popular that bind the community of automobile overs on Instagram.  The community consists of car owners and auto enthusiasts who closely follow the auto accounts on the platform. They are fond of using stories that give a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes with their favorite brands as well as influencers, thereby providing a feeling of staying more involved.

Although auto lovers and auto enthusiasts share an equal interest in cars, the way they engage with their passion is divergent. While car owners are keen to share their own experiences with other car lovers and enthusiasts to express how much endearing the car is to them, auto admirers demonstrate their desire for their dream rides by posting photos.

Know the auto fans on Instagram

To launch the most relevant and effective advertising campaign on Instagram, automakers must understand the different types of auto fans across the platform. Knowledge about the auto fans will help marketers to tailor their content to maximize the results. For example, Mercedes Benz, UK, had created a beautiful and inspiring piece of advertisement for its C-class Cabriolet in the form of Instagram stories that evoked the thrill of driving and the accompanying lifestyle that resulted in a nine-time increase in ad recall.

Auto brands have endless opportunities to leverage their creative abilities on Instagram, no matter how they utilize the platform – sharing the content on Instagram stories by taking the organic or paid route.  Never has advertising been as real as it happens on Instagram because of the new ways that advertisers can use to engage with the audience and drive sales.

Instagram allows advertisers to take full advantage of their storytelling abilities to captivate the audience, drive them closer to the brand, and stimulate sales, as evident from the many success stories of the automakers.