How To Choose A Table Fan – Buying Tips

best table fan

Table fans are highly suitable for workplaces to enable working in a cool environment, especially during the stuffy hot summer days. There is a plethora of table fan options with respect to size, model, power and other factors available in the market. You need to select a particular type of table fan, which suits your requirements. 

best table fan

These factors should be kept in mind while purchasing a table fan. 


The size of the table fan determines the sound produced by it. Large sized table fans produced less sound as compared to small table fans for the same amount of airflow. Thus, table fans don’t need to be very small. The ideal sizes for table fans are 12 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches diameter.


The material of the table fan is an important consideration. Table fans come in plastic, stainless steel and brass varieties. Plastic table fans are cheaper and more practical than metal options, but are not durable since they can crack over a period of time. Metal table fans are durable and last without breaking for a long period of time. The downside of metal table fans is that they can rust or oxidize and need polishing. 


The motor power of the table fan plays an important role in determining the volume of air that it circulates. Thus, you need to check the input power ratings of the table fans while purchasing. 40-50 Watts are considered average motor power while 80-100 Watts are considered suitable for home table fans. You also need to consider your electricity bill because table fans with large power ratings consume more electricity. 

#Removable grill 

The grill, the blades and other parts of the table fan become dirty over a period of time and need to be cleaned. Thus, it is very convenient for you to clean the fan if the grill is removable. Removable grill can be detached for cleaning separately while providing access to the blades and other parts of the table fan. 


Oscillation is the feature of a table fan to swing from one side to another side which enables the fan to provide air to a wide area. The oscillating fan can also have a rotating grill having angled slats to increase the area of coverage. Table fans having automated oscillation feature are suitable options. Most automated oscillating table fans have switch off feature to stop oscillation whenever desired. 

#Speed control 

It is better to opt for table fans with multiple speed controls. Such fans have various speed options numbered 1,2, 3 and so on. Table fan with multiple speed controls allow you to vary the speed of the fan blades as per your choice. 


A quality table fan should be from a reputed brand. Cheap table fans of low quality brands breakdown soon leading to loss of money in the long run. 

These are the some important points you must have to consider while purchasing a new table fan.