It Is A Letter To My Mother On Her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

In this article, let us discuss the birthday wish from a daughter to her mother. Read this interesting Happy Birthday Mom Quotes.

Many More Happy Returns of the day mom!

This is one of the amazing days in your life and, I hope you enjoy this day the most. Since I’ am staying far away from you, I hope you celebrate this wonderful day with dad, bro, and sis. 

Not only I should tell you about your birthday, but also you deserve to celebrate it every day in life. Thank you is a simple word and that is not enough to express my feeling for what you have done to me. Not even for me, you have done many sacrifices and things for our family. Without your love and support, I am nothing in this world. Thus, I am grateful to you for encouraging me in several ways.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

Mom, you never miss out on doing amazing things to me. With your wonderful heart which is bigger than this universe, you always provide love and support to all of us. I always inspire to be like you in offering love and support to others. Needless to say that, you are an angel who came from Heaven for doing God’s work.

You always want to make others happy and thus you sacrifice yourself in many ways. Despite this, you always be the coolest mom. You even crack funny jokes and make your surroundings happy. Moreover, people appreciate you for making jokes. Additionally, I always love you for responding the old people, strangers, and helpless people. So, you are the superwoman with good thoughts.

You respect others and do many things for them in a selfless way. I know that you love to do charity works and I hope what you gave others so far is more than you took from them. Truly, one has to learn a lot from you.

To be a good mother, you always be the example for all. Since I’m also a mother now, I wonder how to manage things and sacrifice things for us. 

You know that before my marriage, I was a dad’s girl. But now after getting married and becoming a mother, I understand your value. Even I felt sorry for past things like quarrels with me. But now, I realize how bad you felt about fighting with me. Thus, now I find the right time to ask you sorry for my past actions. You are always a great human being and thus, you will forgive me without any doubt.

I’m started to lead my life on my terms after observing you. Without caring about others, you are living your life. Always you protected us and wholeheartedly quarreled for us. So, you are the iron woman, as you taught to stay comfortable in all situations. 

It is a fact that one will understand the value of a mother after becoming ourselves mother. With motherhood, love, support and, encouragement come automatically. 

You and dad are always great pillars of our family, as you both never rejected our choices. I always love the way you care for your grandchildren. Even your grandchildren love to spend more time with you after hearing about your past stories of you.

Finally, you made all scared with your past health issues. But thank god, that you are good and energetic now. God should bless you, a healthy life with rich happiness. On some or other day, if I’m like you then, I will feel proud myself a lot.

Once again, I love you a lot and I hope that you enjoy your day with a lot of fun and happiness. Happy Birthday Mom Quotes! Keep smiling always.

With lots of love,

Your caring and loving daughter,


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