How Can Improving Web Accessibility Also Improve Your Bottom Line?

Web Accessibility

When business owners start looking for ways to increase their sales and their profits online, they would typically concentrate on finding different ways to pull more people into their sales funnel. Alternatively, they might even tweak and improve their existing sales process to make sure they get the most from everybody who visits their site.

However, in doing so, they may be overlooking the fact that there is a huge potentially largely untapped market of people that will quite happily buy their product or use their service. These people, for various reasons, cannot use their websites to perform the same activities that others can. So, the answer then might not be to spend more on advertising or data analysis, but instead, put measures in place so that everybody can access the website easily.

What Is Web Accessibility?

It’s unfortunate that when you mention web access ability to most people, they won’t know what you mean. However, there are excellent resources online for those asking “what’s web accessibility?” So, it might be best to start by reading one of those. You will find that it is all about making your website accessible to those who have disabilities that stop them from accessing the web easily. These disabilities take many shapes and can be visual, physical, neurological, cognitive, and auditory.

How Do You Make Your Website More Accessible?

This will depend greatly on what your website does, and what the user needs to do to interact with it successfully. In short, you could look at giving people choices and options to make text bigger for millions with visual impairments or using small screens, such as those you might find on a mobile phone. You could also provide subtitles on all video and audio content, or for that matter, audio descriptions of all visual content and text.

Using Web Overlays

This can be difficult if these facilities are not built in when the site is designed, or if your content is constantly updated. In situations like this, useful additions like web accessibility overlays can be added to your site to offer all these options to visitors.

Create a Better Experience for Everybody

This does not just help those with disabilities, but also those whose life is changing due to aging, and those temporarily in need of extra help. This is especially true if they have just had surgery on their eyes, hands, or arms, all of which are essential when it comes two interacting with a massive majority of websites.

Final Thoughts

By offering these options and making changes to your site or using an overlay that makes your website more accessible, you open your product or service to a whole range of people who might not have been able to use or buy before without help. This is all without spending much in the way of extra advertising or marketing, and any investment in this area, depending on your product or service, is likely to be repaid several times over.

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