What Happened To Lars Mittank? Is He The Most Famous Missing Person?

lars mittank

In Germany, around 10,000 persons have gone missing. On 1st March 2020, the Federal Criminal Police Office listed 11,500 missing people. Almost every day, they are getting 200 to 300 new missing cases. 

One such person who became the world’s famous missing tourist is Lars Mittank. Let us discuss what happened to Lars Mittank exactly.

Who Is Lars Mittank?

There are many weird cases so far at airports. But the weirdest case that most people observed is Lars Mittank. He is a German national person who disappeared in July 2014. Lars has gone missing after leaving the airport in Bulgaria. Additionally, the man behaved mysteriously before leaving Bulgaria’s Varna Airport. It was caught on the CCTV cameras of the airport.

What Happened In The Airport For Lars Mittank?

Lars was 28 years old at the time of the missing accident. He came to Bulgaria from Germany with his friends for a vacation. Due to his ear injury, he didn’t join his friends while returning to Germany. Thus, he got the rescheduled flight after one week of his friends’ departure. 

On the day of his flight, he reached the airport with his luggage. But later, he was suddenly running away from the airport leaving his luggage in the airport. On the CCTV footage, he looked nervous and frightened. 

Though no one was chasing him, Lars ran away from the airport. He also behaved like someone was following him. He ran away from the airport to the forest where he disappeared at last. After this incident, German and Bulgaria Police identified him to be the missing person. His airport video became a viral one on the internet at that time. Thus, Lars became the most popular missing person.

Lars’ Bulgaria Vacation And Incident:

During his vacation in Bulgaria, Lars had some fights with the locals on the beach. Since he was a fan of the German football club, Werder Breman, he was fighting for him as a fan. During this fight, he got an ear injury due to which he can’t travel with his friends.

After his friends left him, he stayed in a cheap hotel. Even this hotel’s cameras captured his mysterious behavior. At that time, he even texted his mother about his frightening feeling. According to him, some four people were following him. Like this, he messaged his mother.

Assumptions Behind Lars’ Disappearance:

Many people are coming with different theories about Lars. According to some people, Lars got caught in a drug-trafficking group. His different behavior in the airport was that he consumed drugs before coming to the airport. 

Some others say that he was having psychological issues and thus, committed suicide. So, he may not be alive today according to them.

For some people, Lars was murdered by some drug-consuming group, so that they can get his organs. 


With so many assumptions about Lars Mittank, it is still an unknown fact what exactly happened to Lars Mittank.