12 Beautifully Creative Uses for LEDs 2022

12 Beautifully Creative Uses for LEDs

Everyone needs light in and around their homes. It is so commonplace that many people don’t realize they can also be very creative in how they use it. This is especially true with LED lighting.

LEDs are very cost-effective as well as easy to use. They do not put off much heat so there is little danger involved and they are very bright. They have a long life span so they do not need to be replaced often. Once you find the right place, you know it will shine for quite a while.

There are also a variety of options from simply replacement bulbs to stationary lights, and rope or string lights. They also come in many colors. They are great additions both inside and outside of the home. 

If you are looking for unique lighting tips, here are 12 beautiful uses for LEDs.

1. Use Around Mirrors

Who couldn’t use better lighting when getting ready?

Whether you use LED strips, string lights, or small mounted lights, adding them to a mirror adds brilliance and function when getting ready for your day.

2. Recessed Under Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom counters seldom have enough light. Adding recessed LED lights under the cabinets offers a low heat option to keep things bright.

You can go with small lights to work as a night light function or larger ones to brighten the entire area. These work great for garage cabinets as well for extra lighting on workbench areas.

3. Add to Stairs

Climbing stairs in the dark is hazardous. Even with overhead lighting, it is easy to miss a step and stumble.

Adding a strip of LED lights on stairs is a great way to illuminate the way to avoid trips and spills. They also add a lovely glow for a softer feel in the decor.

4. Jazz up Your Entertainment Center

A great way to jazz up your entertainment center is to add LEDs all around. They can be as spotlights on the cabinets or LED light strips around the center itself. You can use colors with special effects to make the area even more fun. 

For a different look depending on the season or your mood, try using LED controllers to achieve just the right atmosphere.

5. Highlight Art or Photo Collage Wall

LED lights make great spotlights for special areas in your home.

Use them to highlight a favorite or meaningful piece of art whether it is on the wall, shelf, or pedestal. The lights can be placed near the piece or on the floor or ceiling above to surround it in light.

Photo collage walls are trending now. What better way to highlight your most precious memories by using a focused light on the wall.

6. Spice up the Wine Rack

Another interesting LED light trick is to use on your wine rack.

There is no penetrating heat to harm the wine itself, and you can get as creative as you want from highlighting your best vintages or adding enough light to choose just the right bottle.

7. Interesting Craft Projects

Do you have a little extra time on your hands and want to think out of the box? Try some of these LED craft projects.

You can make a DIY lantern or spice up the interior of your fish tank. There are even ideas for several seasonal centerpieces. You can create one-of-a-kind crafts limited only by your imagination with colorful and versatile LED lighting.

8. Uses for LEDs Outside: Great Around Pools

LED lights are not just great inside the home. There are many practical and fun uses for them outside.

One great idea is to use them around the pool. Pools can be dangerous to navigate around, especially at night.

Using LED lights either on the deck or even around the parameter of the pool itself is a great safety feature to add. They also bring a charming and even romantic glow for that midnight swim.

9. Illuminate the Walkways

The area around a pool is not the only place that needs light when moving around at night. For the safety of you and any guests, it is a good idea to add to walkways and driveways leading up and around your home.

Not only is this a safety factor to keep someone from falling, but it creates great curb appeal in the evening.

10. For Playground Equipment

Kids never get tired of playing outside even when the sun goes down. Maybe you have porch or even deck lighting, but what about on the playground equipment itself?

Wrap LED string lights or rope lights around the various pieces of playground equipment. It will create a fun glow for the kids especially if colored ones are used. They also add a level of security and safety for playing in the evening.

11. Safety Lights Outside

Outdoor lighting is beautiful, but it is also helpful in keeping away unwanted intruders.

Having lights positioned at strategic points around the yard, driveways, and doorways is a deterrent to thieves or anyone looking to do damage in and around the home. Motion sensor lighting works great for this function.

12. All Around the Patio or Deck

There are so many uses for LED lighting around your deck or patio. Entertaining after dark is not only possible but beautiful as well. Rope lights can be run along railways. Use string lights on tables and patio umbrellas.

Stationary lights positioned on the ground or deck flooring make walking a breeze. Spotlights are also a fun way to focus on a great flower bed or unique tree. There is an LED lighting option for anything that you wish to stand out in your outdoor dining area.

Shine a Little Light

Lighting is a basic for your life, but the possibilities are endless with what you can do with it. The uses for LEDs is limited only by your imagination. 

LED lights provide brilliance and color with little heat and are very energy efficient. They are the right choice all around the home.

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