ThinkWave School Management Software: The All-in-One Software You’ll Only Need

ThinkWave School Management Software

School administration is a critical component of every educational system. School authorities worldwide are constantly engaged in various activities to ensure the efficient management of school functions and the provision of a superior educational experience for students.

On the other hand, managing school affairs is not easy in today’s fast-paced world. To perform school management functions more effectively and to reassure parents about their child’s progress and safety and progress, educational institutions are increasingly utilizing school management systems. This is where the ThinkWave School Management Software comes into play.

ThinkWave School Management Software includes a number of features that greatly help in the overall management of schools. Below are some of the features of the ThinkWave School Management Software.

Top Must-Have Features of the ThinkWave School Management Software

Student Data

Attendance, grades, discipline, assignments, and accomplishments are all important. Almost all student information could be accessed quickly and easily with the ThinkWave School Management Software.

Teachers can access the learner’s database to obtain basic information about their students, such as their grades, addresses, and information about their parents and siblings.

Additionally, the administration adds information about the students’ medical history, accounts, and billing.

Easy Access of Parents

Participating in your child’s school activities and staying informed about their academic progress could be challenging in today’s hectic world.

However, parent portals and school apps now make it simple for parents to stay informed about their child’s academic activities.It enables parents to spend the entire day with their children and even with the teachers.

The Parent Portal’s Benefits

  • Assists parents in becoming more involved in their children’s educational activities
  • Keep tabs on current information about PTA meetings, grades, and assignments.
  • Direct communication with teachers features enables parents and students to consult the teachers with any concerns, questions, comments, or suggestions.

Teachers Profile

The School Management Software does not only provide information about students but also about teacher activities within the school. It is simple to view a specific teacher’s class schedule, efficiently file reports, and so on.

Furthermore, teachers could use their database to centralize information about class schedules, student progress, and classroom activities.

Among its advantages are the following:

  • Teachers may securely log into their database to view information about their school, classroom, and students’ activities.
  • Classroom school forms and reports could be completed quickly by utilizing a School Management Software, which automatically updates almost all information about the classroom and students.
  • Once a report is filed, teachers could easily notify the parents.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

AI has gradually begun to infiltrate our daily lives. In 2018, AI became ingrained in a large number of mainstream software applications. One of the critical areas with AI integration for an efficient school management system is the school bus fleet management.

Managing school buses has never been easier than it is now, thanks to integrated AI features like auto-routing, auto optimization, and auto allocation.

AI is not an esoteric term. It actually lowers your costs and has a significant effect in terms of safety and return on investment.

Communication Services 

Student success is highly dependent on the efficiency of communication between parents, schools, and teachers.

ThinkWave School Management Software include a Parent portal that is capable of facilitating communication by sending text, audio, and e-mail messages to a preset group of parents and the entire school.

Thus, school administrators will spend less time talking on the phone or leaving messages for parents.

Another minor but critical aspect of a School Management Software is the ability to save and reuse templates for communicating important dates such as teachers’ day, cultural day, annual day, and many more.

Attendance & Scheduling

Attendance management is a crucial school administration duty that requires teachers to spend a brief amount of time recording attendance at the start of each class. At times, teachers struggle to manage the entire process of getting the attendance as well as accurately recording it.

Attendance is extremely difficult to track in grids with small squares, and errors are common. However, attendance management is now easy to handle with the Teacher App. Tracking each student’s attendance is as simple as clicking a button. You can manage your students’ attendance accurately and quickly by using online attendance sheets.

Moreover, the teacher app enables teachers to track their own attendance, verify their schedule, and ask for leave from their cellphones.

With this feature, managing school schedules becomes significantly easier.

Assessments and Assignments are Available Online

While term assessments remain relevant, it is highly beneficial for students and teachers to assess and understand the knowledge that each student has consistently gained. Hence, assessments and assignments given online are important.

If necessary, teachers can conduct individual assessments of each student to determine their level of understanding. Teachers can employ rubric-based assessments for this reason. As such, this is a critical function for a School Management Software.

Report Card

The Report Card is an overview of a student’s effort during the school year and is the most awaited event of the academic year. However, it is a time-consuming obligation for both instructors and school management.

Through the use of an interactive database, the ThinkWave School Management Software could greatly help out teachers and school administrators in simplifying the procedure of generating report cards. The database automatically completes the report card based on previously collected data on a student’s class performance, attendance, and exam results.

Teachers can evaluate this prior to finalizing and approving the report card. They can instantly make it available to parents and students.

Tracking Fees and Accepting Payments Online

Handling receipts as well as receiving payments, producing bills, tracking many types of fees before allocating them to the appropriate student, and other administrative tasks could be time-consuming and complicated without the use of proper software.

Utilizing a smart card payment system simplifies the process of managing and delivering payments, charging fees, and preparing bills. It is simple to use and convenient.

Online billing enables schools to accept credit card payments while also allowing parents to pay their child’s school tuition from home conveniently. This simplifies the fee payment process for both school and the parents.