How Much Does Home Window Repair Usually Cost?

Home Window Repair

Heat loss and gain through residential windows are responsible for about 20% to 30% of residential cooling and heating. If your windows are not in the right state, chances are that they are not promoting energy efficiency. Given the role of windows in promoting a home’s aesthetics, it would help to consider window repair as a restorative measure. 

Do you know the cost of home window repair? If you’re a first-timer, window repair might seem like such an overwhelming task. It is crucial to understand window repair cost to know what to expect as you undertake this project. 

How Much Does a Home Window Repair Cost? 

Homeowners spend between $175 and $220 to repair a window. The cost often depends on the type of window and the kind of damage. For instance, a broken glass window with a single pane is more affordable than a double-pane window. 

The cost is also affected by other factors such as damaged rails and sash. Worn out seals and a broken frame can further impact the cost. Ultimately the labor cost will factor in these aspects, meaning it can be higher depending on the extent of the damage. 

If you have noticed that your windows are having a warped frame or the windowpane is broken, it’s time you called in a professional. It will be easier to get a window repair than waiting to replace your windows as it will be pricier. Window replacement can cost you anything from $300 to about $5000, depending on the size, number, and type of windows. 

Whether you’re thinking of window replacement or repair, ensure that you’re working with experts for actual estimates. Research widely to get insights on repairing windows and the costs involved. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Home Window Repair 

The cost of window repair depends on several factors. Here are some of the top factors influencing the cost of repairing home windows; 

Window Type 

The three common styles of windows are sliding classic and double-hung windows. Most homes have double-hung windows, which usually have sashes on the lower and upper sections. The cost per window can be from $300 to $850. 

With single-hung windows, the cost is lower, as it is on average between $170 and $360. On the other hand, the sliding windows are quite expensive as they range from $320 to $1300. The more sophisticated a window is, the higher the cost of window repair. 

Window Material 

Vinyl and wood are the most common types of window materials used. Wood is arguably the most expensive, and it tends to be more durable with good maintenance. With a tight budget, homeowners can consider a mixture of wood fibers and PVC as it is affordable and still sturdy enough. 

On average, the price per window with wood material is $586. For vinyl windows, the cost is about $409, with composite windows being as low as $295. While you may want to save in your home window repair, it would help to prioritize quality window material.

Size of Windows

The size of windows can determine their cost. It’s a no brainer that large windows will cost you more than small-sized windows. The cost will escalate more if you are repairing several windows. 

It is crucial to have your window installer measure the window size for accurate cost estimation. Nonetheless, you ought to understand that the design and style’s complexity will play a critical role in determining the cost. 

Labor Cost 

The cost of labor and installation is usually between $50 and $80 per hour. However, several other factors, such as the complexity of the task, influence the cost. For instance, hard to access windows and customized panes might make the cost of labor to skyrocket. 

Some window styles such as the elliptical and arched panes can also cause you to incur more. They demand a higher level of expertise, meaning that you have to spend more on labor. 

While you may want to save on cost, DIY with home window repair isn’t something you want to try. About two construction workers in the U.S. die every day, while thousands of others sustain injuries. Trying to repair windows might expose you to several hazards that can leave you with fatal injuries. 

Energy Efficiency 

If you’re considering window repair, it would be best to consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient option. Single pane windows are not as ideal as they are not energy efficient. The triple-pane or double-pane windows are ideal for increasing efficiency. 

These windows are ideal for energy saving as they work towards preventing heat loss. However, investing in triple-pane windows can be quite costly. In the end, the cost of home window repair will be quite high. 

Knowledge of Window Repair  

If you’re not sure of the cost of window repair, research widely. You ought to understand the number of visits your installer will have to make. Typically, installation takes about a week after a technician assesses the pane’s thickness, window type, and measurements. 

Homeowners providing more details about their windows have a higher chance of getting realistic estimates. Knowing the amount, one would need beforehand will help you budget well. A window installation company can tell you about the pricing on the phone, depending on the information you convey about your windows. 

 You should only consider DIY if the damage you’re addressing is minor and have home improvement skills. However, hiring a professional remains the best option as an expert can handle any challenges as they arise. 

The Cost of Home Window Repair Depends on Several Factors

On average, a homeowner can use up to $220 on window repair. This amount varies depending on factors such as the type and size of the window. It is crucial to incorporate every detail when estimating the cost of home window repair. 

Work with an experienced contractor who can give you estimates with the details you provide. Accurate estimates will allow you to budget accurately for your window repair. 

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