MangaKatana: All About This Manga Reading Website


Among manga lovers, MangaKatana has become a very popular destination in recent times. In fact, there is a proper reason for that. Let me inform you it is a website where you can read your favourite manga for free. This website allows you to read manhwa, Japanese novels, and manga from its vast database. 

The interface of this website is designed in such a way that makes searching for a particular mange very easy and simple. There are many categories like most popular, most-watched,  romantic, random chapters, appropriate and others. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this free manga-reading website, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about this interesting website and its alternatives. 


Credit: reelrundown

There are certain interesting features of this website that have kept the users attracted to it. These features are:

  • The website is totally free.
  • The developers of this website keep updating its database on a regular basis. This means that we can access all the recent manga releases. 
  • There are many categories like most popular, most-watched,  romantic, random chapters, appropriate and others.  This makes searching on this website an easy job.
  • It is accessible from both desktops and mobile devices. 

Safety And Legal Issues

Safety And Legal Issues

Whenever a website offers free content, we get worried about its safety. However, let me inform you that the website which we are discussing, is free from viruses or malware. In addition, it also has no pop-up ads. 

The legal nature of this website varies from one nation to another. In some nations, due to strict laws, the site is illegal. While, in some other nations, the website is legal. Therefore, it is always better to use a proper VPN while accessing this website. This will ensure a greater safety level. 


There might be times when this website might not function properly. At the same time, it might be that the manga that you are looking for is unavailable on this website. Therefore, in such cases, it is better to know about some alternative sites where you can keep reading your favourite manga. Some of the alternative websites are:


1. Comixology

This is a cloud-based website, with a widely stocked library of over 100k comics and manga for you. It came into existence in 2007, and in 2014 Amazon took it over. Here you will find manga in various languages like English, Korean, Chinese and many others. Moreover,  if you are willing to spend some money, then this is heaven without any ads. 

2. KissManga

This website has a large library of comics and manga, starting from the classic ones to the recent ones. In fact, over 100k comics are available on this website. Moreover, new manga gets added to this website even before their official release. Therefore, this website is a great one for reading manga.

3. MangaOwl

This is a great alternative website where you can read numerous manga for free. In fact, the user interface is also very smooth and easy. Therefore, it allows even newcomers to look for and read their favourite comics easily.

4. MangaFreak

If you wish to visit a website that offers a complete manga reading experience, then MangaFreak is a great destination for you. In fact, in the history section, this website saves all that you have read. Moreover, this site also has zero ads and thus allows seamless reading. 

5. MangaFox

This is a widely popular manga reading website on a global basis. In fact, the interface is really attractive and interesting. Moreover, the user interface is smooth and easy to use. There is also an official application for this website. 

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