Why A Baby Stops Growing In The Womb In Pregnancy?

Baby Stops Growing In The Womb In Pregnancy

One of the most special feelings in the world is to become a parent for every human being. Especially, to become a mother is a special, and of course a rewarding experience. While most people get this experience without any treatment or care, it’s not true for some. As we know, a woman carries a baby in their womb for nine months. It’s a challenging task for every woman out there to carry babies in their womb for nine whole months and then deliver them. But what if the Baby Stops Growing In The Womb?

Well, sometimes, a few babies do not grow properly in the womb. As a result of that the mother may also face some kinds of complications. These things can lead to a miscarriage or abortion. According to research, there are various explanations as to why a baby stops growing in the womb during pregnancy. If you want to know more about this, then you are at the right place. In this article, we shall take a look at the reasons why a baby stops growing in their mother’s womb. 

Top Reasons For Baby Not Growing In Their Mother’s Womb

As per the medical facts, when a baby stops growing in the mother’s womb, it’s actually called IUGR or Intrauterine Growth Restriction. In fact, people also know this as fetal growth restriction or FGR. It’s a condition in which an unborn baby is smaller than the average size of a baby during that phase of pregnancy. 

So, that’s why, the delayed growth of the baby puts the baby at a huge risk of low-weight birth. Of course, there are other reasons for a baby not growing in the womb, such as excessive consumption of alcohol, and coffee, following unhealthy diets, smoking, etc. If you want to know the reasons at length, then it’s time to follow this article. 

Baby Stops Growing In The Womb

1. Poor Lifestyle & Eating Habits Of The Mother

First of all, one of the most prominent reasons behind a baby not growing in the womb is the poor lifestyle of the mother. Of course, it includes eating habits as well. As per the research, if during pregnancy a mother lacks proper nutrition such as vitamins and folic acid, and, if someone leads a poor lifestyle, such as drinking alcohol, excessive smoking, drug misuse, etc, then the aforementioned problem may arise.

Not only that but improper sleep, development of stress, etc are also some of the prime reasons. This is the reason why it’s necessary to get extra nutrition during pregnancy and make a list of the food that should be avoided during this phase. 

Poor Lifestyle & Eating Habits Of The Mother

2. Higher Sugar Levels Or Pre-Eclampsia

According to the sources, Pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) can cause the veins to compress and thus affect the growth of the fetus. It’s a process that affects the oxygen supply level to the baby. Not only oxygen but also affects other supplements to the womb. That’s how a baby’s growth can stop in the womb. 

3. Amniotic Fluids At Low Level

So, it’s worth noting that Amniotic fluid is extremely important as a protective liquid for the fetal growth in the womb. Therefore, if the level of the amniotic fluids decreases below the normal point, it can have adverse effects, such as slow growth of the baby in the womb. There can be various reasons for low levels of amniotic fluids. For example, excessive intake of unsuitable medicines, poor health condition of the mother, placenta abruption, low consumption of water, etc are some of the reasons. 

How To Prevent IUGR or Slow Fetal Growth?

Some causes of IUGR are not controllable especially if it is diagnosed at the late stage of the pregnancy. So, the best way to prevent IUGR or slow fetal growth is to visit your doctor regularly. It’s also best to do a checkup or ultrasound of the baby in the womb frequently. Also, it’s pretty important to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle will enable you to avoid any other complications. 

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