Types of Handbags for Different Occasions. Own Them Right Away!

Types of Handbags

If there’s one thing that women can’t live without, then handbags hold the top position. After all, there’s a special bond between women and handbags. Also, bags add glamour to your outfit for any occasion. However, often many women face dilemmas in choosing handbags occasionally, all thanks to different varieties and colors available in the market!

Furthermore, a lot of women are switching to online bag shopping. However, you can look for tips for buying handbags online without getting entangled in the storm of fraud.

On that note, we’ve outlined various types of handbags for different occasions. I’m sure, by the end of the blog, you’ll own them right away!

  1. Tote Bags – Classiness All the Time

Are you hunting for perfect bags for stashing laptops, gym clothes, and many more? Then go no further than tote bags! That will be your best companion in college and office. It holds on sufficient space for your daily, small to the big stuff, and looks profoundly fashionable when clamped on the shoulder.

Whether you’re traveling for casual meets, shopping, or surfing the waves and sun, its broad straps will be easier to carry. Furthermore, whether you’re looking for a functional or stylish bag, you can wear a tote bag for simple occasions in every outfit.

  1. Backpacks – Convenience At the Best

Juggling a mobile phone, transport tickets, and morning coffee in crowded spots is nearly impossible unless your hands are free. A one-shoulder purse often makes you leave unbalanced. On the other hand, backpacks, the two-shoulder bag, ward off constant readjusting and eliminate hassles.

Not only you can store many things in your backpacks, but it also secures your commutation and minimizes the chances of falling out. Above all, the two straps on both of your shoulders will distribute the weight of your stuff inside, making you feel comfortable, convenient, and spontaneous. You can easily wear it in casual attire for formal events. However, for office events, pick a leather backpack.

  1. Satchel – Stuns With Versatility

Satchel is a trend-driven pick. That’s why you’ll trump in investing in it. Also, every woman deserves at least one go-to bag which is neither too big nor too small. The best part about satchel bags is it pairs well with any dress. It tastefully blends with qualities like functional, beautiful and versatile, while being stylish.

Furthermore, they are spacious enough to tuck in your small stuff like a phone, lipstick, handkerchief, earphones, and so on. Also, while commuting in public transportation, satchel bags will be your savior. While it serves similar purposes as tote and backpacks, you can pick it for dates or hanging out with friends.

  1. Clutch – Adds Splash of Fun

Not all time clutch bags will be the ideal choice for weekend parties. However, women have a special place for clutch bags in their wardrobes – all because of their uniqueness. It diversifies the world of accessories in the fashion world. As well, if you’re someone who has a minimalistic approach in life and goes for a clutter-free bag, then the clutch bag is just for you!

What everyone is unaware of is its maintenance; you can have them without any fuss! And when it comes to making a statement, then you can rely on your perfect partner – a clutch bag. Typically, they are used for formal parties, weddings with overall chic LBDs, simple jewelry, and great shoes.

  1. Straw Bags – Trending in Beaches

Do you want to embrace summer’s hottest trend? Purchase a straw bag; they are a classic bag that is a must on your shopping list. If beaches are calling you to have fun, then a straw bag is your guy! They render you with summer vibes, and you can pair them with either denim shorts or a bikini and kaftan.

They’ll hold your book, sunscreen, earphones, magazines, and many more. In simple terms, it holds the capacity to carry bulkier items. However, the downside is, they rarely possess pockets to keep your valuables. All in all, they are truly the best bag for a beach getaway.

  1. Hobo Bags – Blows Up Your Status

Hobo bags are ideal for women who crave a perfect combo of chic and trendy. It’s a structured one whose bottom looks unusual (like a boat). Its over-elaborated curves render an amazing look. Plus, it’s perfect for a trip on sunny days to carry your makeup, water bottle, mobile phone, or any other item.

The upside of hobo bags is that they come in various sophisticated colors that add glam to your look. If you wear silhouettes, then this hobo bag is the iconic style to carry.

  1. Fashionable Bags – Make A Statement

Do you desire to add current in-trend and classic handbags to your wardrobe? Choose fashionable bags. They come in a size that’s apt for any college-or-office goer (especially for parties!). Honestly speaking, they have sufficient room to carry your valuables. They turn heads upside down.

During any occasion, like a wedding or function, this bag displays your fashion and taste affluently. Add in luxury watches and eye-alluring outfits, and you’re all set to grab eyes. Additionally, they are trending post-COVID-19 because of their stylishness and functionality.

  1. Laptop Bags – For All the Workaholics

If you’re a workhorse, then you don’t require any research work. Ditch your outdated briefcases as women – there are trendy alternatives for it. Give the nod to the laptop bags. With different compartments, wide straps, your laptop, and necessary things will stay safe inside your laptop bag. Not to mention, they are easy to transport.

Additionally, laptop bags are available in different patterns, from basic to stylish. All you have to see is for which occasion you want the bag. For example, if you’re traveling during the monsoon, a waterproof laptop bag is the ideal choice; however, you can also carry laptop messenger bags for business tours.

So, here it is – different kinds of handbags for different occasions. Don’t wait longer and shop online or offline (whichever you prefer) and carry a perfect type for the occasion. Remember, it will be an add-on to your presentable look.

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