Beyond a Rose Blush: 7 of the Most Romantic Flowers for Intense Passion

Beyond a Rose Blush 7 of the Most Romantic Flowers for Intense Passion

When it comes to romantic gestures, nothing says “I love you” like a dozen roses. Yet, roses aren’t the only flowers that you can give to that special someone.

There are plenty of romantic flowers that aren’t roses that will surprise your date or your spouse. With so many different options, it can be hard to know which flowers can express your love the best.

If you are looking to learn about some of the most romantic flowers besides roses, this article will be your best friend. Here is everything you need to know about the seven most romantic flowers to get your date.

1. Orchids

One of the first flowers on our list of the most romantic flowers is orchids. This flower got its name from the Greek word “orkhis.” Its name came from Theophrastos, an ancient Greek Botanist.

Often orchids have been associates with sexuality and fertility. Throughout many cultures, people see orchids as a way to represent love elegantly. Orchids also come in many different colors, yet the red orchids have made their mark in the world of romance.

Red orchids represent desire, fire, and passion. Orchids are one of the best flowers for dates. The reason being if you gift someone a red orchid, that means you love them passionately. These flowers are perfect for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.

2. Tulips

Another flower that is one of the most romantic flowers is tulips. Derived from Central Asia, tulips have become one of the most notable symbols of love. Named after the Persian word for turban, tulips have made their mark in history.

It is often said that tulips symbolize the perfect love. This all stems from a love story in the Turkish and Persian culture, where tulips are most popular. The idea behind tulips is that you give them to someone with a sense of deep and unconditional love.

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Tulips also come in many colors, and each color means something different. Pink tulips are a symbol of happiness and confidence. In contrast, yellow tulips mean cheerful and happy thoughts. White tulips symbolize forgiveness, while purple is for royalty. No matter the occasion, tulips are certainly one of the best flowers to get your date.

3. Daisies

Next on our list of the most romantic flowers that aren’t roses are daisies. While urban legends associate daises with innocence and purity, daisies can be the perfect flowers to get your wife or someone special.

One exciting thing about daisies is they are two flowers combined in one. The innermost part of a daisy is a disc floret, while the outer part of the flower is called the ray floret. This is how the daisy symbolizes true love because it shows the beauty of when two things come together as one.

4. Lilies

You can’t create a list with the most romantic flowers without including lilies. Lilies belong to the genus Lilium group, which is coined as “true lilies.” When you think about love stories and lilies, the story of Zeus and Hera can be associated with the flower.

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The lily is often associated with the story of Hera and Zeus. As the story goes, the milk of Hera that was supposed to feed Hercules when dropped on the ground turned into lilies.

Like many of the other flowers on this list, lilies also come in various colors. Red lilies symbolize passion. Yellow lilies represent thankfulness and the desire to enjoy things in life. 

Choosing an assortment of lilies might be the perfect way to make a statement about love. 

5. Camellias

As another one of the most romantic flowers, camellias symbolize affection, love, and admiration. The camellia was discovered in China and had a pretty significant presence in the southwest region of the world.

These flowers are adorned in Japan, with many referring to them as the Japanese rose. There are many variations of the camellias, with white being one of the most popular colors.

It is said that if you give someone white camellias, it means they are well-liked by you. Suppose you have missed someone you want to provide them with a pink camellia. Red camellias represent love, desire, and passion.

6. Lilacs

In the flower world, lilacs are some of the first flowers to bloom. This is one of the reasons why they represent spring and renewal. Each color lilac represents something different. While white represents purity and innocence, magenta lilacs symbolize passion and love.

Blue lilacs symbolize happiness and tranquility and a light purple lilac represents first love. If you really want to impress your date with the most romantic flowers giving them a combination of colors can help you express how you truly feel.

7. Carnations

The last flowers on our list for the most romantic flowers that aren’t roses are carnation. They tend to represent love, fascination, and distinction. It is said that carnations bloomed as the Virgin Mary cried from watching Jesus carry the cross.

If you want to use carnations to show your love, you want to choose dark red ones as they represent love and affection. Finding carnations isn’t the most effortless process; luckily, Phillip’s Flowers can help you find all the most romantic flowers.

With The Most Romantic Flowers, You Can’t Go Wrong!

Now that you know what the seven most romantic flowers are, which one will you choose to express your love? Will it be tulips or lilacs? Will you go with a daisy or sweet lilies? Whatever you decide, choosing any of these flowers and telling your date or spouse what they mean is sure to show how much you love them.

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