Ruby Guest Gets A Lovely Surprise At Her Wedding

Ruby Guest

Ruby Guest got a brilliant surprise during her wedding. Her mother, the legendary actress Jamie Lee Curtis, decided to dress up and do a bit of cosplay for the event. Needless to say, the wedding was a big success thanks to the beautiful surprise. The 63-year-old actress officiated Ruby’s wedding to her fiancee Kynthia. Not quite surprisingly, both of them were also in full costume in accordance with the party rules. The Everything Everywhere All At Once actress played Jaina Proudmoore, a sorceress from the famous World of Warcraft series. 

A Costumed Surprise

True to her acting prowess, Curtis pulled off the role brilliantly. When Jimmy Kimmel asked her on his show how much she knew about the role she was playing, Curtis replied it was a game. And Jaina was an admiral. She knew that much and that, apparently, was enough for her to go on. But we think she did a wonderful job stepping into the shoes of Jaina Proudfoot. After all, the essence of the event was a wedding and she conducted herself with great grace throughout the day. 

Ruby Guest
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Meanwhile Ruby, 26, decked up as the Skullgirls character Squiggly. Squiggly is a zombie or in fancier terms, an undead. She was initially introduced as a DLC character for the game. Squiggly looks quite gorgeous and mysterious in her getup and Ruby managed to nail the look with her impeccable style. Her wife Kynthia played another classic character, Elphelt Valentine. This is a new playable character from the Guilty Gear series. 

Ironically, Elphelt is sorely obsessed with finding an ideal husband for herself and does not follow her mother’s directive of destroying the world. We don’t know about the world, but Kynthia did manage to find herself a nice wife. 

Coming Out

Curtis shared photos from the event on her Instagram account. She seemed very excited about it and showed us all the things from the rainbow-draped halls to the guests. All of them had come dressed as various characters from popular games or TV shows. It looked more like a cosplay event than a wedding, but it sure dazzled like the sun. the Halloween actress could barely contain her excitement as she gushed about the wedding. Later, she posted a picture with the caption:- “YES THEY DO AND DID! MARRIED!” 

As you can see, the excitement levels seem off the charts. And it very right should be so. This marriage comes just a year after Ruby and Kynthia publicly disclosed their relationship. Ruby came out as a transgender sometime later and it was its own tense affair. For once, she was very afraid of what her own family would think and say, let alone the rest of the world. We get the fear. Every person in the world, celebrity or not, suffers this fear while coming out if they happen to belong to third sex or gender. 

However, we are very glad to say that in this case, Ruby had the full support of both her parents Curtis and screenwriter-actor Christopher Guest. They accepted her with great love and said she would not have to turn elsewhere for support. Naturally, Ruby feared coming out at first. It was intimidating, even. But she came out and now we are all glad she did. We wish her a very happy life ahead with her wife. Best of luck!

Coming Out
Credit: Today


1. Is Ruby Guest transgender?

Yes Ruby Guest recently came out as transgender. 

2. Who is Ruby Guest fiance?

Ruby Guest’s wife is Kynthia. 

3. When did Ruby Guest wedding take place?

It took place on 31 May 2022. 

4. Who is Ruby Guest engaged to?

Ruby Guest married Kynthia. 

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