Haley Dumphy From Modern Family is Actually Bisexual, Says Actress

Haley Dumphy

Haley Dumphy, one of the most popular characters from the television show Modern Family, is apparently bisexual. This stunning revelation has come from the actress who portrays her, Sarah Hyland. She took to Twitter some time back to make her claim. But then, Hyland clarified that she has not pointed out any aspect of the show itself that speaks of bisexuality. Furthermore, not even the makers told her anything as such. But these are personal opinions. 

Personal Views

Having said that, Modern Family has always been one step ahead of other shows in terms of representation. It does not shy away from addressing some of the more problematic topics of the world, even at a time when doing so attracts fierce backlash. 

The show features a married gay couple that too on a major cable network, which deserves its own fair share of the credit. To be honest the makers adopted a candid, family-friendly approach. It is not very politically correct. As most shows during that time did. 

And they also managed to pull the feat off with great panache. When the first show first started airing, people thought they would be canceled for showing homosexuality. But five years later here we are with some of the highest cable ratings ever. And how, Sarah Hyland has come forward to add fuel to the fire by claiming her character on the show might be bisexual. 

To be very honest, the sudden coming out of the eldest Dumphy daughter might be a bit tacky. Hyland just mentioned on Twitter that her character, according to her, is interested in both the birds and the bees. 

Personal Views
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Speculation or Truth?

Some Twitter users who claim to be bisexual have already taken up the cry and spread it across the internet. User @poiisonpam who identifies as bisexual tweeted about how Hyland just dropped a bombshell. She requested the actress to confirm whether this speculation was indeed true.

After some time, Hyland quoted the same tweet and confirmed that according to her, Haley indeed is bisexual. As you might guess, this has tremendous scope for the series. The Dumphy girl coming out to her parents as bisexual will be a delightful scene to watch. 

Needless to say, Hyland’s tweet met tremendous excitement and positive responses. Most of them came from the LGBT community. Even among them, a majority were bisexuals who felt immensely proud of the representation. 

Community Members are Excited

One Twitter user even went so far as to say that she got bisexual vibes from Haley ever since she debuted on screen. She is excited that her vibes have come true. Now, Hyland also maintains that she does not know what the writers must have wanted. But in her personal opinion, Haley is firmly bisexual. 

Haley’s bisexuality isn’t something that has ever been explicitly stated throughout the show. Furthermore, it is very much possible the writers of the show are not even thinking of introducing her as bisexual at any point in the show.

So far, Haley has only shown interest in men. She has also gotten into romantic relationships with men. But then once again, nobody knows when new things might happen. As for now, we are waiting to see if the next season brings something fresh. 

Speculation or Truth?
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1. Who is Haley Dumphy actress?

Sarah Hyland plays Haley Dumphy. 

2. Is Haley Dumphy pregnant?

Haley gave birth to twins in Season 10. 

3. Where can we find a Haley Dumphy nude?

Such a picture does not exist anywhere. 

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