Emma Myers: Biography of American actress, Age, Net Worth and Life Facts

Emma Myers

Emma Myers is a well-known singer and actress who has acted in several films and TV series. Her success in the profession has been nothing short of spectacular, and her net worth is reported to be between $600 and $800 thousand. Emma became well-known for her role as the lively, positive, and attractive werewolf Enid Sinclair on the Netflix series Wednesday. We’ll look at Emma Myers’s net worth in this blog post along with her height, age, family, husband, career, and bio. Continue reading to find out more about this amazing star!

Emma Myers Family
Emma Myers Family

Bio/Wiki Highlights of Emma Myers

  • Born On: 2nd April 2002 (Age 20 years)
  • Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Actress and Model
  • Years Active: 2010- present
  • Height: 5’ 4”
  • Parents: Jeremy Myers and Nicole Cassimatis
  • Siblings: Avery Myers, Olivia Myers, and Isabel Myers (Sisters)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Networth: $ 600 K- 800 K

Emma Myers Age and Height

American actor Emma Myers is most recognised for her parts in television shows and motion pictures including Beauty, Letters to God, Wednesday, Baker, and so forth. Emma Myers is 20 years old as of right now. Emma is a seasoned actor who started her career at the age of sixteen in the film. Her unmistakable charisma never fails to enthral viewers.

Emma Myers is 163 cm (5 feet and 4 inches) tall. She works out on a regular basis to maintain her athletic build. Her ability to stay in shape in spite of her hectic work is something that her followers admire. Emma has demonstrated that skill surpasses height by landing significant roles in both television and films despite her small stature.

Emma Myers Family

She is a model and actress from Britain. The family of Emma Myers is really grateful for Emma’s accomplishment and supportive. Her father, Jeremy Myers, is a lawyer with experience in contract law, and her mother, Nicole Cassimatis, is a creative influencer and philanthropist. She has three sisters namely Isabel, Olivia, and Avery. Her mother has made significant contributions to the cause of children’s rights and is extremely involved in her community. Emma’s family always pushed her to pursue her acting career and supported her throughout her childhood. She says that her parents gave her the courage to follow her aspirations and take chances.

Emma Myers Net Worth

Emma Myers has a net worth of between $600K and $800K. Her acting and modelling careers are her main sources of income. A Taste of Christmas and Girl in the Basement are just a couple of the movies, TV episodes and advertisements she has acted in in addition to her most recent role in Wednesday. After just three weeks of airing, the show has garnered enormous audience and filled every fan’s heart with wonder. She has additionally profited from endorsement agreements with companies. In the upcoming years, her net worth will increase even more due to her increasing success.

Emma Myers Net Worth

Emma Myers Movies

Emma is an actress who has acted in a number of motion pictures. Several noteworthy films and television series include:

  • Letters to God: 2010
  • A Taste of Christmas: 2020
  • Girl in the Basement: 2021
  • Southern Gospel: 2020
  • TV Shows of Emma Myers
  • The Glades: 2010
  • The Baker and the Beauty: 2020
  • Dead of Night: 2020
Emma Myers Additional Details

American actress Emma is well recognised for her parts in the hit Netflix series “Wednesday” and the film Letters of God. 2010 saw her make her feature film debut as a young actress in the film The Glades. She has since acted in numerous films and television shows. Myers’ parents, Nicole Cassimatis and Jeremy Myers, welcomed her into the world on April 2, 2002, in Orlando, Florida. Myers has never attended a traditional school; instead, she participated in a home school cooperative.

Emma Myers Acting Career

Glades (2010) was the start of Myers’ acting career, which she began at the age of sixteen. She later appeared in a number of short films and TV ads. Both Emma’s admirers and critics praised her performance as Marie Cody in the film “Girl in the Basement.” Emma is not only a gifted actor but also a skilled dancer who has participated in numerous performances. This charming actress is really interested in acting and loves to socialise with friends and coworkers. She was able to play Enid Sinclair in the Netflix horror comedy series “Wednesday” thanks to her acting prowess and dedication.

Her next movie part, “Family Leave,” which is based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s book Bedtime for Mommy, is a result of her popularity on the show. Fans of Emma Myers are curious to know more about her biography because of her early success.

Emma Myers Boyfriend

You will be let down if you try to find out who Emma Myers’ boyfriend is. Emma keeps her life very private and doesn’t post many personal details on social media. Emma doesn’t seem to be in a relationship or single right now. On any of her social media platforms, the actress has not posted any details or images pertaining to her partner. Still, we will surely update it as soon as we learn of any personal information.


Emma is a gifted actress, dancer, model, influencer, and star of several TV series and films. Her career has lasted more than 40 years, and her performances have earned her accolades. Frequently, she posts teases of her glitzy photo shoots on her social media accounts. Emma Myers is one of the most successful actors of her generation in Hollywood, with an estimated net worth of between $600K and $800K. Through her efforts, she still motivates budding dancers and performers. The next Emma Myers film “Family Leave,” which is scheduled for release in 2023, has fans excited.

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