Role of HR in any Organization

Role of HR

The job of HR and the HR division in any organization is to boost the result. The Human Resource division is one of the main components of any association. The HR division handles crucial tasks of enrollment, recruiting, onboarding, training, and termination of a worker.

The Role of Human Resources might be the most confounding, yet the most critical for an association’s life. Employees are the best resources for any organization, as it is their hard work that contributes to the success of an organization. So, HR plays a critical role in hiring the resources best for your employees. 

The HR office likewise takes care of the workplace. The office ensures that the specialists are getting a sound work culture. Any sort of dispute between the employees is dealt with by the HR directors. They guarantee that the employees act and work as per the regulations and guidelines of the organization. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything moved toward the remote work culture, it became challenging for the HRs to care for the workforce. But HR management tools and LMSs made it feasible for them to complete the responsibility effectively. During telecommuting or WFH, HR chiefs took full advantage of these tools to do a wide range of tasks. 

Ensure smooth onboarding

The onboarding process is the fundamental role of HR. One might wonder what is onboarding? Well, an onboarding program is the integration of new employees into the organization, making them familiar with the organization’s culture, environment, goals, and mission. The recruiting manager or HR should participate in working with the worker’s successful joining into the association from beginning to end. An efficient onboarding develops a good relationship between the new employee and the organization, it develops trust in the mind of the employee. Since HR personnel is the first-ever contact between an organization and the candidate, they act as a link between the two. 

Hiring the suitable people 

The HR division is responsible for recruiting and training employees. The HR department has to keep filtering through hundreds of candidates to find the right people suitable for the job and bear the responsibility efficiently. It is the role of HR individuals to keep hunting the fresh talents, innovative minds, and passionate candidates for their organization, who are the best suited for their job role and will increase the success rate of the organization. 

Carry out disciplinary action 

There might be instances that demand disciplinary actions. For Example, when an employee has violated any rule or regulation or has gone against the working ethics of the organization. Disciplinary actions are very much needed in such cases so that the employees are reminded of the importance of rules and regulations. But who takes or processes such disciplinary actions? It is the HR personnel that carries out these disciplinary actions, even if it leads to the termination of employment of an individual. 

Policy renewal or eradication

When a policy is no more beneficial to the company or the employees, it needs to be renewed or eradicated. Sometimes, some unexpected situations lead to changes in company policies. An HR has the responsibility when it comes to making any changes or eradicating any company policies, of course after the approval of their supervisors or the ones leading the organization. 

Maintain employee records

HR department maintains the records and personal information of the employee and more than that. The records maintained by HR can help the employers identify the skill gaps of an employee and thereby, can support the employee by allotting them training programs. This helps them to receive training for areas that were lacking and gives effective output. 

Process payroll to the employees

The HR department is also responsible for processing the payroll or salary including incentives and bonuses. HR personnel monitors the working efficiency and outputs of every employee and records them. This helps HR personnel to identify the percentage of incentives and deductions in salary in case of absenteeism. They also award the employees with rewards.


The HR department is very crucial and has a role right from the beginning, i.e, preboarding till the end which could be the termination of an employee or employee voluntarily quitting. It is HR that helps with the training program for any employee. For any employee, the first connection they ever had with the organization is through HR and vice versa.