Discover The Best Way To Clean Sofa Upholstery

Clean Sofa Upholstery

Choosing a sofa and having it delivered to your home gives you a great feeling. For a brief while, the sofa looks fantastic in your room, exactly how you envisioned it. Unfortunately, having a sofa means you have to use it. Despite your best efforts, at some point, food and drink will be close to the sofa and is likely to get spilt on it.  

Even if you manage to keep food and drink away, the sofa will gradually get dirty as people sit on it and rest their hands on the upholstery. 

That’s why you need to know the best way to clean sofa upholstery.

Get Professional Help

If you have a sofa that is particularly badly stained then the best option is to get the professionals to help. A good leather sofa cleaning company will be able to remove virtually any stain and leave the sofa looking and feeling like new. 

It may be the more expensive option but it does restore the sofa and means you don’t need to purchase a new one. That’s a bonus and could save you a considerable sum of money.

It can also help to have the professionals give it a clean at least once a year.

Brush First

If you want to clean a sofa yourself then the best place to start is with a brush. Run the brush across the sofa and move with the grain. This will help to loosen any debris caught in the grain of the sofa.

It’s best to use a firm brush but not one that will snag the threads on your sofa or mark it in any other way. 


The next step is to get the vacuum out and attach a sofa-friendly brush. Thijs should be a soft-bristled brush that will move gently over the sofa, allowing you to effortlessly vacuum up the debris lifted when using the brush.

You will notice an instant difference. 

Add Cleaning Compounds

In general, it is best to avoid getting any sofa wet. When washing it with a suitable sofa detergent, it is advisable to use a damp sponge. This reduces the likelihood of creating watermarks. 

Choose a detergent designed for your type of sofa and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It should lift the daily grime from the sofa and leave it looking great. 

Make sure the sofa is given enough time to dry properly before sitting on it again. This helps to ensure it stays looking clean for longer. 

Dealing With Strains

Normal daily dirt can be dealt with using the above techniques. But, if you have accidentally spilt something on the sofa you need to react quickly. The first step is to place tissue over the area, this will absorb the liquid and lift some of the stain out. 

Remember to dab not scrub. If necessary, add a specialist stain-removing compound which is designed to work with the material on your sofa. Again, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But, with stains, it is important to react as quickly as possible. Even waiting a few minutes can make it impossible to eliminate a stain. 

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