Creating a Customized Memorial Service Program With or Without Help

Memorial Service Program

It can be hard to balance the planning process for a memorial service alongside spending time with your grieving friends and family, especially if you aren’t certain of how to go about organizing everything, but a little help from an expert can help to guide everything back on track.

The Funeral Program Site is available to help grieving families as little or as much as the family chooses, offering anything from simple printing and shipping services to fully designing programs and other memorial items professionally and efficiently so that everything arrives on time for the service. If you’re looking for assistance with designing, planning, or printing a high-quality Memorial Service Program, The Funeral Program Site has experts ready to help.

First, you can decide how involved in the program creation process you wish to be. If you’re confident in your graphic design abilities and have the means to print all of your programs yourself, then you may only want a downloadable template. These memorial service program templates are available for Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages and are simple and easy to use. The download is available immediately after purchase, allowing you to quickly finish the task and have your completed programs in hand as soon as possible.

There are several options, each with plenty of room for favourite pictures and stories, obituaries, or poems and prayers of your choosing. There are Gatefold Programs, Graduated Fold Templates, Large Tabloid Booklets, Legal Size Booklets, and TriFold Brochures available in template formats that you can edit at home. The templates’ themes are already set up for you, with the backdrop you choose from The Funeral Program Site’s collection, be it a natural theme such as roses or waterfalls, a spiritual theme with crosses or heavenly gates, a beautiful landscape, or a lovely colour gradient. You will simply choose where you want the text, pictures, or clip art, and put together the desired elements to create your program.

If you don’t want to manage the creation of the program, or if you aren’t confident in your ability to lay everything out in a professional manner, you can enlist the help of the professionals at The Funeral Program Site when you purchase your funeral program template. You choose a 24-hour turnaround or an expedited 1-2 hour turnaround period and provide the information and pictures you would like to be in the program. Then a professional graphic designer will organize everything and send you the completed program proof for your approval. This allows you to determine the full makeup of your memorial service program without having to worry about the best way to arrange everything.

Some people prefer to prioritize spending time with those around them over spending time organizing the service, and that is perfectly acceptable. If you’d like more assistance with the process and are comfortable with leaving most of the work in the competent hands of the designers at The Funeral Program Site, then you can choose their Complete Full Service instead of ordering a template. These programs will be printed on your choice of paper, glossy or matte, by The Funeral Program Site and shipped to you by the date you specify when you order. This way you can be sure you’ll have the programs on time without having to make them yourself.

The Funeral Program Site will do any necessary assembly, such as folding and stapling together the sheets in booklets or graduated programs, before shipping. The professional designers will also remove the backgrounds of any photos you submit to them so that your loved one is displayed seamlessly over the backdrop design of the program you’ve chosen. All of the information you submit will be carefully organized and displayed neatly and professionally, creating a beautiful program that is customized to your loved one.

For more information, head on over to to see what they can do for you or give them a call at 800-773-9026 and one of their expert customer service representatives will be happy to help you with everything you need.