Why You Should Always Leave TV Aerial Installation To The Professionals

TV Aerial Installation

Faults in your TV reception can be somewhat frustrating. Especially if it is disrupting you from watching your favourite TV show or movie on live TV. Your TV reception can be affected due to several factors but most commonly, the aerial is faulty or has moved, which is usually a result of bad weather and storms. We get it, it can be tempting to retune your TV to gain a better TV reception, but believe us when we say this may just lead to further complications and additional retuning in the long run. Your second port of call may be to approach the aerial itself. If you have an indoor aerial which is situated within the loft or an upstairs room within your home, this can easily be accessed by yourself, however, if your TV aerial remains outdoors, either on the side of your home or your roof, this is a huge no go. Stay tuned as we demonstrate why TV aerial installation should always be left to professionals.   

Health and safety risks are reduced 

We assume that you, as a homeowner, are not equipped for repairing or reinstalling a TV aerial unless you are an engineer, so why would you make your way up to the roof? Homeowners who try to deal with aerial problems themselves are most likely not able to fix them without the help of an expert, so approaching the roof to fidget around with the aerial is a big no-no. Not only does it impose a risk on you, but it imposes a risk on others around you including your household members and passersby. We would presume that you do not regularly approach the top of your home, so you may not know the correct technique on how to. The risk of falling, damaging the roof, or even hurting someone below is extremely high. As experienced professionals have taken the route from the ground to the top of homes for years, their risk of falling or damaging someone or something is a whole lot lower than yours! Keep yourself and everyone around you safe and opt for a professional service route.  

Additional expenses on equipment 

When attempting to approach the roof to fix your aerial, ask yourself, do I have a ladder that will reach the height of my roof? If the answer is no, it is important to consider that a roof ladder itself could be around £200, and that’s not including any other materials, for example the wires, the fixings, and the aerial itself! This extra expense is certainly not worth the hassle, and overall, carrying out this task yourself could amount to more financially than hiring an engineer would! Save yourself the cash and call a reputable company, you would be surprised at how much cheaper it works out than you have imagined. Click here for professional TV aerial installation services.   

Warranty offered by a professional company 

So, let’s say you approach your roof, reinstall the aerial, and then three weeks later, your aerial has a fault again, and instead of knowing if it simply needs to be repaired or replaced, you go ahead and purchase a new aerial to reinstall. Not only will that cost you more money, but it will cost you more time to dedicate to another installation process. If you were to follow through with a professional service, they would offer you a guarantee that involves attending to the aerial if it faces any more mishaps. Within most companies, a warranty can cover anything from one to three years, however, other companies offer longer! This is a hassle-free route, and you can guarantee that any future issues to the aerial will be dealt with by the company that supplied and fitted your aerial, leaving you with constant reassurance after the installation process.  

The final result should be accurate and efficient 

When leaving it to a professional to install your TV aerial, you can guarantee that the result will be accurate and more importantly efficient. They understand the best location for your aerial and this location will contribute to your overall TV reception and quality. If you were to carry this task out yourself, the only factor you could go by is the direction or location of your neighbour’s aerials, and who’s to say this is the right place for yours? Alongside positioning, you can also guarantee that professional companies know their TV aerials. As most have been in the industry for years, they will supply the best TV aerials, after all, if they supply one of bad quality, they are simply only increasing their chances for call-outs and revisits! If you were to carry your TV aerial installation out yourself, your best result would be to approach Google, and reviews and prices may not always be accurate or reflect the quality of the device you are purchasing. Save yourself the risks and contact a professional today!

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