How to Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phone or Tablet

Recover Deleted Apps

Our android Phones and tablets have a huge storage capacity now-day. While most of it is used for storing personal files, images, and videos, a good chunk of your phone storage is used by applications or apps. 

Thus, it is normal to delete your apps from your phone. But sometimes, we might accidentally delete an app or two accidentally. Now comes the question, how do you recover them? And why would you want to? 

Well, it could be an app like Instagram or Facebook, which is quite prominently used by everyone. These apps tend to have a lot of user data, thus meaning that these apps are quite important.  

Because of this, it is important you recover deleted apps, and thus, below are some ways to recover your apps from your android phone or tablet. 

Recover using Google Play store 

One of the most recognizable ways to recover an app is to simply use the google play store. Google play store is a collection of different applications, books, games that are provided by Google through its store. 

Google play also syncs with your phone to record the apps you use and have used in the past. This is a simple feature that allows you to re-install apps on the same device or a different device since it is possible that you might lose your application due to a factory reset or buy a new phone. 

Step 1 

Find the google play store icon. And open it. 

Step 2  

Maneuver over to the options on the left of the search bar and look for the three parallel lines. Now you get a menu. 

Step 3 (for newer versions) 

In newer versions of the store and the android, you can simply click on your profile photo on the top right-hand side. 

Step 4 

Select ‘My apps and games. On newer and different versions, it might even say ‘manage apps and devices. 

Step 5 

Now you should be able to spot ‘library.’ Tap on it and simply search for your deleted app. 

Step 6 

Once you tap on ‘manage apps and devices, you need to select manage for newer versions. 

Step 7 

Once there, tap on the ‘installed’ option to get a drop-down menu. Now you can simply select the ‘not installed’ application to search for the deleted app. 

Note: almost all versions of the play store will have a sort option to help you sort the application according to your ease.  

Third-party applications 

It is recommended that you do not install any third-party application for recovering your lost/deleted apps. The primary reason is that they are not secure, trustworthy and some of them are not even on the play store.  

Unless and until it is extremely necessary, use only the above-mentioned method to recover your deleted apps. Any other third-party application is not needed. 


Mobile Applications are best installed and downloaded through the google play store. It offers a great variety of applications, movies, books, games, and much more. Games like Clash of Clans, escape room games, subway surfer, and much more are downloaded a lot and deleted a lot. 

The greatest and easiest way to recover them is through the google play store. So the next time you accidentally erase your phone or buy a new phone you need not worry. 

You can simply rely on your phone’s default app store (Google play store) and simply get access to all the applications you had previously installed. It is because of applications of the play store that people prefer Android phones and tablets.