Top Websites Online to Stream Sports Live like VIPBox


To begin with, VIPBox is one of the best websites for watching sports. Here, people can watch all kinds of sports. Football, basketball, Tennis is some of the sports that VIPBox streams online. Further, VIPBox is a legal website to watch sports. However, there are multiple other websites to watch sports. 

Read through the article to find out more about websites like VIPBox. The article will include information about the best online sports streaming sites

Top alternative to VIPBox to watch various sports live online 

In the first place, the best alternative websites for live streaming are given below. Most of these websites are great. These websites are mostly free to access. It also consists of a good collection of sports to watch as and when they happen.

1. SportLemon 

The first website in our article that is an alternative to VIPBox is SportLemon. It is a free website to watch various sports. Further, SportLemon consists of nearly 130 channels. These channels consist of various matches to watch live. Furthermore, the website also offers a good collection of movies to watch. 

Furthermore, the sports that SportLemon live streams are boxing, badminton and football. Lastly, people using the website can access it for free. It doesn’t ask for registration to watch matches.

2. SuperSport 

The second-best alternative to VIPBox to watch sports online is SuperSport. Furthermore, Supersport is very similar to VIPBox in various ways. It streams multiple sports live for millions of viewers to enjoy. Furthermore, SuperSport also includes the entire league for sports fans to enjoy. 

The homepage of the SuperSport website is user-friendly. It consists of a list of all sports that are happening at the moment in the world. The collection of sports that you can watch here on the website is unbelievable. Super sports website is a treasure chest for online streaming. It consists of mainstream sports and others like hockey and cricket.

3. Feed2All 

The third website on our list for watching live sports is Feed2All. Feed2All is yet again a good alternative to VIPBox for live streaming of sports. It is one of the most famous websites among sports fans. Further, Feed2All consists of live sports and live channels. 

Furthermore, the website is well organized. It consists of various genres for easy access to sports. The videos available on the website are of good quality. It also consists of better sound quality in comparison to other websites. Lastly, Feed2All is a free website with advanced features to enjoy live sports.

4. Streamhunter 

The next website on our list is Streamhunter. Though the name of the website sounds serious, it is a fun place to watch sports. Further, Streamhunter is a great website that is an alternative to VIPBox. The design of Streamhunter is very simple. It lists all the sports being streamed online for a day.

Furthermore, sports fans can easily find the match they want to watch. It offers to watch live sports to people all around the world. Basketball, football, baseball, and hockey are some of the sports available on the website. Apart from these sports, you can easily find various other sports to watch. Lastly, Streamhunter is free and offers HD quality live streaming.


Yet another website that sports fans must visit is MAMAHD. Though the name of the website sounds different, it is a good website. Most sports fans love visiting MAMAHD for the quality of videos. Further, the online streaming of videos by the website is free of cost. It consists of a long list of sports that people can enjoy all over the world. Gold, WWE, basketball, football, baseball are different kinds of sports to watch here. 

Apart from this, the live streaming of the website is available on PC and phones. Yes, one can access the website from their phone. This feature makes it easy for everyone to watch a game anywhere in the world.

6. Streamiptvonline 

The sixth and best alternative website to VIPBox for live sports streaming is Streamiptvonline. It allows people everywhere to enjoy a match. Further, the best feature of the website is it’s free of cost. Viewers can enjoy live streaming of sports without any registration. 

Furthermore, you need not pay any subscription fee to watch sports. The website design is very neat. It consists of a list of ongoing and upcoming matches. Also, the quality of live videos is good and easy on your eyes. Do visit the website and watch all your favourite matches live.

7. StrikeOut 

The seventh website on our list for watching sports live is StrikeOut. A strikeOut is also a good alternative website to VIPBox. It consists of a huge list of sports that live stream. The website consists of live streaming of sports around the clock. Various sports played all over the world can be viewed here. 

Furthermore, the StrikeOut homepage and layout of the website is simple. It consists of tabs with the name of the sports streaming online. With one easy click on the tab, people can enjoy various matches in each category. Further, it also includes a search box for easy access to live matches. Lastly, StrikeOut is a free website to enjoy live streaming of sports.

8. Batmanstream 

The last website on our list for watching live streaming of sports is Batmanstream. It is the best alternative website to VIPBox. Furthermore, Batmanstream is the longest running website for live streaming of sports. The markers of the website were designed by getting inspired by Batman comics. However, the website does include pop-up ads. But these ads do not appear during the free trial period. 

Furthermore, most mainstream sports are available online on the website. Also, the website is easily accessible on your Smartphone. Finally, the website includes a live chat feature. This feature helps you to communicate with other sports fans. 

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, the eight best websites to watch sports live are above. These websites are a good alternative to VIPBox. They are also easily accessible all over the world by sports fans.

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