Why More Homeowners Are Adding Garden Doors To Their Renovations

Garden Doors
View of garden from inside house with french doors leading to a courtyard kitchen garden

Outside doors are key in improving your home’s aesthetics and security. A secure door will keep intruders and external elements at bay. No wonder homeowners spend time choosing outside doors, such as the front and backyard doors.

When choosing a door that grants access to your backyard, you should consider the styling options. Homeowners have few options when selecting doors for their main openings without compromising security.

Garden doors are one alternative; we help you understand why most homeowners add them to their home renovations.

Customizable Style And Design

Garden doors open in two main styles. The first is the wide double door with one fixed side and an open swing; the second comprises two operational doors. Your choice of these doors will depend on your style. 

Garden doors also have more elements to play around with to suit your style. These include decorative hardware, color, and tempered glass. Whether double-wide or open swing, these doors will improve your home’s indoor and outdoor style as you can customize them.

Secure From Intruders

Garden doors are ideal for security reasons. The thick, more resilient material makes it hard for intruders to kick in and open. Their locking mechanism is also strong, and you can enhance security by adding a multipoint locking system.

Access To Natural light 

The purpose of a garden door is to allow easy entry and exit to the home. Most of the garden door is made of glass, allowing natural light into your home. Natural light is energy efficient and cost-saving, as you will need less artificial light to heat your home, especially during winter. You can also take advantage of the space to busk as you enjoy the view of your garden.

Garden Doors Are Easy To Use

When it comes to usability and convenience, garden doors tick the sheet. A double door configuration, when opened, will be much wider than a patio door. This means you can conveniently bring a big item in and out of the house. Installing a pet door on your door is also possible, allowing your pet to go in and out of the house easily.

Garden doors are easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. This is unlike sliding doors which are heavy. A pebble on the track of a sliding door can destroy your door functionality beyond repair. The rollers will also wear out depending on the frequency of use of the door, attracting high maintenance costs.          

Increased Property Value

Garden doors combined with a garden view will be attractive to willing buyers. The garden is a key selling point; installing a door with a better view and access will easily lure prospective buyers.

Consider Installing Garden Doors In Your Home

Aesthetic home renovations, including your door renovation, improve the quality of your home. As a homeowner, you should incorporate your taste, house style, and budget in this decision. With a good front or back door, you can enjoy efficiency and save on energy costs. Seek the services of a professional to install garden doors in your home.

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