How To Prepare For a Home Renovation In Los Angeles

Home Renovation

Do you have an upcoming kitchen remodeling Los Angeles scheduled to take place soon? If so, you may want to start preparing yourself and your home for the renovation now. Although renovations can vary in time and scope, you may need to get your house ready before your contractors arrive in order to save time, avoid hiccups and get the renovations done as efficiently as possible.

Whether you’ve renovated plenty of homes in the past or whether this is your first time customizing your Los Angeles abode, here are a few home renovation preparation tips that can help you feel fully ready for the upcoming changes.

Clean Out Your Space Before Your Crew Arrives

After you’ve set up your renovation plans with your interior designer Malibu and scheduled your contracting crew to come in, you may need to take some time to clean out your home. Having stray items laying out in rooms undergoing renovation could pose a danger to those items and may get in the way of the crew, thereby delaying renovations. Prior to the arrival or your renovation crew, you should:

  • Remove fragile items and sentimental valuables from the home and put them into storage or another safe space for the duration of the renovations
  • Cover couches, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture with plastic in rooms that will be undergoing renovations
  • Clear off countertops and stow away personal possessions on days when work is being done in each room
  • Be prepared to live in and around a workspace until your renovations are complete

Choose Your Renovations Based on Your Desired Home Style

If you plan to undertake major home renovations, there’s a good chance you may be looking for a fresh new home aesthetic. To achieve your desired home style, consult with your Bel Air interior designer to pick out renovations that fit your vision. Some common styles to consider include:

  • Farmhouse
  • High-end contemporary
  • Traditional or Colonial
  • Rustic
  • Victorian
  • Western ranch

Set a Strict Budget at the Outset and Establish a Renovations Timetable

Lastly, many LA home renovations get off track due to financial concerns or delayed timelines. To avoid those common issues, it’s best to tackle the problems head-on at the outset. You may want to:

  • Get an estimate for the total cost of the renovations
  • Estimate the potential value of your home after the renovations
  • Check that the renovations won’t make your home far more pricey than others in your neighborhood in order to avoid hurting resale potential
  • Set a strict renovations budget based on how much you can afford and stick to it as much as possible
  • Establish a clear, detailed timetable for completion of the renovations and come to a completion agreement with your renovation crew

Before you jump into your next home renovation project at your LA abode, you may want to spend some time prepping both your house and yourself for the process. With early preparation, you can help your renovation go by as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Make sure to clean out the spaces that will be undergoing renovations, settle on your desired home style early in the process and stick to a set budget for a straightforward home renovation experience.

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