What Services an “Explainer Video” can provide?

explainer video

Every second, hundreds of videos are uploaded to the internet. Many of those videos, though, are useless. The increased demand for videos, on the other hand, is something we cannot refute.

Even if you have a well-designed website with numerous pages explaining your service offers as well as your values and company culture, an explainer video can help your firm stand out.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a marketing tool that helps your target audience understand who you are and what you do by briefly summarizing your brand’s key product. In just a few minutes, it provides an overview of your organization. The reintroduction of an explainer video, albeit simple in nature, is considerably more in-depth and detailed.

The services provided by explainer video which are listed below can help you improve your video marketing strategy.

Explainer video saves time

This is the other major benefit of explainer videos that cannot be emphasized, aside from video being a favored medium for most consumers.

In today’s fast-paced world, making the most of your time each day is critical to staying on track with your short- and long-term objectives. Your consumers are likely to experience similar time constraints, therefore it’s critical to respect their time as well.

An explainer video gives a potential new consumer a high-level overview of your site, making it easier (and faster) for them to determine whether or not they want to proceed with your services.

Explainer video grabs the attention

Aside from the perception that there isn’t enough time in the day to finish all of your tasks, a short attention span is another issue that many people face. You’re not alone if you feel this way. According to studies, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds.

With this in mind, it’s critical to grab your target audience’s interest right away, which applies to any marketing video. Fortunately, because more people prefer watching videos to reading text, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition when it comes to engaging your audience with an explainer video.

Animated explainer videos, in particular, are an excellent method to creatively and aesthetically present your company. If your site would benefit from a live-action video, storytelling paired with intelligent, purposeful b-roll can help construct a picture of who you are and what you have to offer.

Explainer video helps improving SEO traffic

Whether we like it or not, search engines have taken over our life. We use technology to answer both the most basic and the most difficult questions, from Google to YouTube to Bing to Amazon Alexa.

This is where video comes in. Remember how I stated that most people like to learn something by watching a video. This desire is recognized by search engines, which reward websites that promote video. Organic traffic from search engine results pages has increased by 157 percent as a result of video.

You’re simply enhancing your search ranking potential by putting an explainer video on the homepage of your website, which can help new customers locate your business.

Explainer video can be shared easily to assist your website’s promotion

An explainer video is a terrific tool to use across your various social media networks in addition to posting it on the homepage of your website.

Your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter sites may be the first place a new lead comes across. If that’s the case, you can utilize your explainer video to introduce your company to prospective visitors by pinning it to the top of your profile. You can even use it as your YouTube channel’s “trailer.”

You may quickly send a link to your explainer video with potential clients via emails, social media messaging, calendar invites, and more, as previously discussed. If a client wishes to refer a friend or colleague to your company, they can email your explainer video along with a link to your website.

Explainer video can be repurposed and cost effective

To stay under Instagram’s time constraints, you might make a shorter version or reuse material from the explainer video in future marketing videos, which is a cost-effective strategy to get the most bang for your buck.

If you choose an animated explainer videos, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to reuse design elements and/or characters in future animated movies or graphic design deliverables like info graphics, presentations, website landing pages, and social media.

Brand awareness

Consumers want to feel like they know who is behind a business, as well as its mission and values, which can all be represented in an explainer video.

And, if you follow our advice and cross-promote an explainer video on your website and social media platforms, you’ll have a better chance of reaching the 5-7 impressions mark.