Why Real Estate Agents Should Know About Bathroom Types

Why Real Estate Agents Should Know About Bathroom Types

You must be thinking about why bathrooms would be important to realtors? It’s because people who are looking to buy or sell a home look for a bathroom that fulfills all their needs.

A bathroom can be large or small, but it should be a cozy and comfortable place no matter the size. Because of the pandemic, people are spending most of their day in front of a screen. At the end of the day, having a hot shower will wash away all of your fatigue.

But How Much Should Real Estate Agents Know?

Whether you are planning to buy your house or trying to get a new one, realtors will provide you with a list. If you are selling your house, you have to mention the number and types of bathrooms present in your house.

Similarly, when you are looking for a house, you will look for the number of bathrooms present. The definition of a bathroom varies with country. In some countries the term “bathroom” is predominant. Whereas in countries like Canada the term “washroom” is more common than “bathroom”.

To serve the best deal to the sellers or buyers, realtors must know about the types of bathrooms. Without proper knowledge or communication, people might end up buying a house that doesn’t fit their needs.

Different Types of Bathroom Real Estate Agents Should Know

The size and design of every bathroom would be different from one house to another. The reason being, the choices of different people.

Some people like a minimalistic approach in their bathroom designs. While some others might favor vintage decor. To go with vintage decor, having a spacious bathroom with clawfoot tubs is the best option. This type of bathroom comes with its own sense of style. They can be styled in both modern and old-world vibes.

In some bathrooms, a modern monolithic bathtub will be the best. A freestanding bathtub with matching marble or lively scenes will suit them best.

Let’s dig a bit deeper to know the different types of bathrooms commonly known.

Master Bathroom

From the name itself, you will know that this is the main bathroom. These bathrooms are mainly attached to the master bedroom of a house. You can differentiate this bathroom from others by size.

Recently despite the term “master”, many realtors use the word “Primary” to describe the largest bathroom in a house. In many houses, the master bedroom has two separate bathrooms. Sometimes designated as “His” or “Her”.

Generally, a master bathroom is a full bathroom. Which means it consists of a sink, shower area, a bathtub, and a toilet. People prefer full bath bathrooms because of the presence of all elements in one place.

There might be some curated options like shower-tub options or vintage-style clawfoot bathtubs.

Guest or Hall Bathroom

If you are someone who watches a lot of house tours of YouTubers and creators, you are familiar with this term.

Most of the houses have a master bedroom with an attached master bathroom, along with a hall bathroom. These types of bathrooms are mainly present for the guests. This might or might not be a full bath.

The name “hall bathroom” came from the fact that it is present in a hallway. And this is accessible to every member of the house.

These bathrooms are majorly designed in Half Bath style. Half bath style doesn’t contain a full bathtub or toilet. They might have a shower area or toilet area. The washbasin and vanity area can be separately placed in another area.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

The name is funny and justifies the position of the bathroom. This type of bathroom is also commonly known as a “shared bathroom”. The bathroom is generally located between two rooms.

Realtors can show this type of bathroom to a family with twins or children of the same age. They can have separate bedrooms but might share a common bathroom.

These are also common among college students cohabiting a house. They can have their bedroom with this type of bathroom. Though this type is efficient for small spaces, privacy can be a concern.

Not everyone wants to share a common bathing area. Real estate agents should be able to communicate with their clients effectively. Being able to do so will ensure that both parties will get the most out of the deal.

Powder Bathroom

This type of bathroom is a type of half bathroom. Powder bathrooms are more common among guests. The primary location of a powder bathroom is near the guest area or living room.

The origin of these bathrooms started in the 1920s when women used these bathrooms to apply powder to their faces.

These bathrooms are not located near bedrooms to avoid invasion of privacy. They normally have a washbasin area with a toilet. Bathing is majorly absent in a powder bathroom.

Some people use a powder bathroom for vanity purposes re-decorating it with the required elements. A mirror with a backlight, a cabinet, and a powder bathroom can become a perfect vanity room.

One-Quarter Bath

These types of bathrooms are not so common in households. The one-quarter bathroom consists of only one feature of a full bathroom.

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It might have just a toilet or a shower area. These are not common among families because they don’t maintain the best hygienic practice.

But these bathrooms are quite famous for just “Freshen up”. In resorts or along sea beaches these bathrooms are common. With only a shower where people might freshen up before entering a normal bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the type of bathrooms, real estate agents should take notice of other things too. The elements present in the bathroom and plumbing play an important part for every realtor.

Apart from that the lighting, wallpapers, floor heating, or ventilators are important for every bathroom.

A potential real estate agent will take care of all these components to provide you the best buyer or seller.