Canadian Online Casinos Are Getting More Popular Each Month

Canadian Online Casinos

Online casinos have been growing immensely over the years ever since their emergence in the 90s. Canada was not exempted from this widespread fame of these online gambling platforms, as the Canucks have always loved gaming at these platforms for a very long time. Gambling is, according to, one of the most lucrative industries in Canada, and it has managed to grow by 70% in the North American country over the last few years, and this growth will only be continuous.

With each passing month, the number of Canadians involved with different types of online gambling activities has only continued to grow at a fast pace. This led to the Canucks becoming a major contributor to the global online gambling industry.

But what is the force driving the increase in popularity of Canadian online casinos? One of the most obvious reasons is due to the temporary shutdown of land-based casinos within the country, which left most gamblers with nowhere to turn aside from the online platforms that are offering them amazing bonuses and promotions just to sign up with them. There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic played a large role in pivoting the success of online casinos in Canada over the last two years. But what are the other reasons for its popularity every month? We will be stating that in this article, so stay tuned.

Bonuses & Promotions

It is no doubt that offering bonuses and promotions to existing and new customers have helped boost the growth of Canadian online casinos over the years. This is one of many advantages online casinos have over land-based establishments, which are more expensive to run. Online casinos are easy to run once it’s been licensed by a reputable gambling authority, so they are usually more flexible when it comes to offering bonuses and promotions. The brick-and-mortar establishments usually reserve this option for the high rollers.

Canadian online casinos will offer players welcome bonuses for registering with them, it also serves as a great way of luring in new players. Aside from that, there are also bonuses like the deposit, matched, and free spins bonuses. Land-based casinos’ inability to offer these kinds of bonuses to all customers is one of the many reasons online casinos continue to grow in popularity in Canada.

Multiple Payment Methods

One of the great selling points of online casinos is their ability to offer different kinds of payment options to their customers, which is much more than brick-and-mortar could ever hope to have. When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at physical casinos, Canadians are extremely limited in their payment options. This will convince them to pick a game at online casinos, where they will have a wide range of payment options as well as games. Most Canadian online casinos have many payment methods from e-wallet verities, to credit and debit cards and even cryptocurrencies. Using these options is a much safer option for Canadians when gambling.

Sponsoring Canadian Sport Teams

Despite their sports games not being excessively popular across the globe, Canadians have always been lovers of sports. Canada hosts many sports shows from the famous National Hockey League to the Canadian Football League to even competing in the NBA with their sports teams.

Understanding the interests of Canadians, some online casinos took the mantle of sponsoring popular Canadian sports teams to gain more brand awareness with the Canucks. Sponsoring sports teams in Canada also helps online casinos build trust with the fans of the teams they are sponsoring. An increase in awareness amongst Canadians means an increase in traffic for the online platforms which will increase their revenue. This also helps push the popularity of online casinos every time sports teams have games to play every week.


The online gambling industry is on the rise not only in Canada but also across the world. The aforementioned are also being implemented across the globe as most online platforms rely heavily on generating revenue, which means more customers have been visiting and registering for the websites at a tremendous rise. Online casinos will only continue to rise in popularity in the coming years, as their growth is also paired with the advancement of technology. So you should expect another rise in fame.

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