The Top Serven Toys For Girls In 2022

Toys For Girls

Are you looking for new toys for girls? There are many toys available for girls like Barbie, cars, karaoke mike, sports set, board games and lot more. In 2022 many new kind of innovative toys are also available that girls will love. If you are giving gifts to sportive girls then there are many badminton, cricket, ping pong sets offered. There are also many cute toys for girls like teddy bear, shiny toys, do it yourself kits and more. Further for the girls who like gadgets there are many high tech toys available too. Here you can find the different types of toys for girls. 

1. Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Doll

This is one of the best-selling toys which are the merchandise of Disney. The doll is sparkling from the top to bottom. Also her dress is tool beautiful. If you want to give this gift to a girl who likes Disney princesses then this will serve as a great collectible item. Cinderella is inspiring many girls with her good heart and good sense. So this is one of the best gifts for girls. The price of this is $199.99. 

2. Sphero BOLT

Are you looking for some cool gifts for girls? Then this is one great gift and it is the Sphero BOLT. This is suitable for girls aged five and up. It is a codable robot which is designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and also lot of invention. You can also find Bluetooth Smart technology and also it comes with scratch-resistant shell. This is a gyroscope that allows lots of coding and makes it fun for the kids. Its price is $195.00. 

3. Furby Connect 

Furby Toys are one of the sought after toys once and their popularity are making a comeback. It offers connected experience as the Furby will interact with the app and also get updates wirelessly. Whenever its antenna glows it will share something new with the girls. So your girls will have new ways to learn and interact. It is truly enjoyable. The price of Furby Connect is $159.97. 

4. Super Jumbo Playing Cards

Kids like to have things that are bigger in size than they normally are. So you can buy your girls the Jumbo playing cards. They look awesome. Also they measure in 8.25″ x 11.75″ which is eight times larger than the regular decks. It comes with 52 card-decks plus with two jokers. Plus the large playing cards can make any card game fun. Also these card games can make any time more fun. The price of the huge deck of cards is $17.99. 

5. Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter is an improvement in the electrical scooter variety. It comes with a battery like that allows a person to use for one hour. Also it has high-torque hub motor and a kickstand which helps in balance. Children between eight to eleven can use it. You can get the electric scooter for $197.77. 

6. Speak Out Game

This is a brand new family board game that gives tasks to the players and allows them to say phrases with mouthpiece in their mouths. So every word will come out in a ridiculous way. Also it comes with five mouth pieces and 200 double-sided cards. You can learn this game very quickly and it is fun to way. Its price is $10.98. 

7. Monster High Deluxe School Bus & Spa Playset

Is your girl the fan of popular Monster High TV series? Then you can gift them the Monster High Deluxe School Bus & Spa Playset. Also the roof of the bus becomes a spa tub and it has a multi-treatment spa. The price of this is $39.99. 


If you love to give the toys for girls as gifts then choose the gifts from here. You will make them feel happy.