Not known Facts About ITIL Foundation Certification Training Course

ITIL Foundation Certification

That’s why IT jobs with bigger teams and more responsibility are rising. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) describes such techniques.

Global Knowledge, one of the world’s foremost IT training providers, reported that ITIL Foundation certification training was North America’s most famous IT certification.

Over 12% of IT professionals in North America hold their ITIL Foundation certification. 7.2% of credential seekers this year want ITIL Foundation.

The upgrading to ITIL 4 in early 2019 made ITIL Foundation even more popular among IT best practices managers.

ITIL course: Why take it?

IT service management is now crucial to the success of every company. So, whether you work for an IT service provider or are a customer, familiarity with ITIL is vital. You may learn more about IT infrastructure and service management by taking an ITIL course or getting your ITIL Foundation certification. The IT Infrastructure Library course will teach you valuable lessons in service management.

In case you didn’t know this, here are a few key details concerning ITIL Foundation and the accompanying certification exam:

  1. Complete the qualification

ITIL certification starts with Foundation. Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master indicate IT professional competency. You don’t have to take the other levels if they don’t suit your career needs. Some people only need ITIL Foundation certification.

  1. Many IT jobs require ITIL Foundation

IT certification is required for most entry-level jobs in today’s competitive market. These credentials verify your professional skills and IT stress management. ITIL Foundation certification training improves skills to market norms.

  1. ITIL is customizable

ITIL certification lets you choose what to learn. They developed ITIL Foundation training for an organization.

  1. No membership is required

ITIL is governed by AXELOS, which requires no membership or PMI. ITIL Foundation test fees alone. ITIL Foundation certification bootcamps ensure passing.

  1. ITIL Foundation course 

ITIL Foundation boot camps help you prepare for the ITIL certification exam. Online ITIL bootcamps are a good option if you need time or want to travel. 

  1. All-in-one certification

ITIL Foundation is relevant for all IT vocations, not service management experts. ITIL Foundation certification is the most effective approach to improving your skills and Knowledge regardless of your IT profession.

  1. Faster exams

The ITIL Foundation test is an hour long and doesn’t require essay-based answers like other professional certifications. Answer 40 multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes.

  1. ITIL Foundation is step one

The ITIL Foundation teaches IT service management vocabulary, core elements, and principles. The foundation level introduces IT roles. Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master follow.

ITIL covers all IT areas, from customer needs to extensive infrastructure management. It covers vendor management and configuration management.

How to learn ITIL?

ITIL Foundation certification does not require training. Reading teaches ITIL in numerous ways. After ITIL foundation certification, training is needed and costs money.

This training has made ITIL basics unimportant. Many ITIL certifications are merely certified. Attending formal ITIL training before taking the ITIL Foundation certification is recommended. 

Simplilearn’s ITIL® Foundation course covers ITIL service lifecycle management concepts and terminology. ITIL Lifecycle Phase Interactions & Outcomes, ITSM, and Service Management best practices are included. Naturally, their ITIL® Foundation training curriculum helps you pass the exam on the first go.

How to select an ITIL course?

You can choose an ITIL course after seeing the different ITIL certifications. How do you select an ITIL course? Consider these factors when choosing an ITIL course:

  • Which course type? Classroom or online ITIL course?
  • Does the mentor have experience?
  • How will your ITIL training provider prepare you for the certification?
  • Do they guarantee the ITIL certification exam you wish to take?

Let’s compare ITIL certification online vs. classroom.

Classroom ITIL course

It is the usual way to learn about ITIL and the certification exam.

Class-based ITIL training is for whom? Are you comfortable with the traditional instructor and class discussion and debate? Can you concentrate only on a teacher and class environment? So choose this.


  • Finish the course on a weekend
  • Participants may share Knowledge
  • A trainer and classroom may help you focus 


  • It may be challenging for you to free up a whole weekend.
  • Typically, the batch is pre-determined and must be booked in advance, which might be challenging if you operate in a high-pressure setting or have a shift-based schedule.

Online ITIL course

Virtual ITIL training is available as an online course with recorded lessons. The only difference is that this is an online meeting, yet it has all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting. There is a limited timeframe in which you get access to the session to get the most out of the learning experience. Some services provide digital resources like study guides, handouts, and sample exams. By taking and going through these simulated tests, you may prepare for the real thing.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of taking ITIL training online.


  • You can view the course whenever you like if you have an internet connection.
  • Move at your own pace! You get a lot done and sink every idea into your brain. You may move at a snail’s pace while a few days are out of your control. There’s no need to hurry; nobody’s around.
  • Since the whole course is at your disposal, you can review the sections you are still unfamiliar with and bring yourself up to speed.
  • Some services allow you to choose between a monthly, annual, or permanent subscription.


  • You are the only attendees like yourself, though some training companies offer blogs for information sharing.
  • The absence of a traditional classroom and teacher

By the way

Now you are aware of the range of ITIL certification paths you offer. Consequently, select the appropriate ITIL training for your needs depending on your current level of expertise. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each course before deciding which one to take so that you can boost your career in the appropriate direction. Invest in Simplilearn online courses to excel in your ITIL career.

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