Tudor Heritage Black Bay: A Collection Of Watches For Professional Divers

Tudor Heritage Black Bay: A Collection Of Watches For Professional Divers

There are thousands of brands of watches all over the globe in the current year. Each brand is well known for its signature watch, making them stand out in the watch industry. If you are that certain type of person who loves exploring the depths of the sea, you might find it difficult to find the best brand of watch for you who would join your journey.

Luckily, a brand in the market can ride along with your diving hobby, the famous Tudor Heritage Black Bay, Rolex’s sister company. This brand offers you luxury, elegance, and sophistication in one watch, and it is way cheaper than Rolex. Below are some of their latest designs of watches for your reference with a water-resistant of 660 ft. 

Heritage Black Bay Model 79030N-0001

This watch model is one of the collections of Tudor Heritage Black Bay created entirely just for men. It has a classy, elegant style that could easily capture anyone’s heart. The watch has its unique case made of stainless steel surrounded by a uni-directional bezel. The crystal covering the watch is sapphire, an unbreakable and scratch-proof type of glass. 

This model has a black dial with luminescence; it has a dot design of indexes and snowflakes with hands in white and gold-tone. This model’s movement caliber is the Tudor Calibre MT5402, automatic and can reserve up to 70 hours. The form of the case is round with a diameter of 39 mm.

The whole band, including its buckle, is made of high-quality stainless steel with unique water-resistant perfect for divers up to 656 ft deep. The selling price in the market of this timepiece is at $ 4,569.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79363N-0001

This model belongs to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay series, which is perfectly put together for men. A luxurious looking watch perfect for any corporate attire and other casual ones. The case material of this timepiece is a polished steel case with a satin finish. The round case of the watch has a diameter of 41 mm covered with a sapphire crystal.

The caliber used for this timepiece is MT5813 with a self-winding mechanical movement. It has a black dial with hands and hour markers colored in white gold-tone. The entire structure, including its buckle, is made of high-quality stainless steel with a water-resistant of 656 ft, perfect for divers. The selling price of the timepiece is at $ 5,919.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79030N-0003

This model is also known as the new Tudor Black Bay 58 Baselworld 2018, a watch just for men. The timepiece’s case is made of premium stainless steel with sapphire glass covering it, making it durable. It has a solid round black with a diameter of 39 mm and a height of 11.9 mm. This elegant and sporty looking wristwatch can melt any crowd.

The dial of this watch is colored in black with a luminescence finish; its hour markers have a dot design, and the hands of it have a snowflakes style colored in white-gold tone. The complete design of its dial complements its black uni-directional bezel. 

This automatic timepiece has a movement caliber of Tudor  MT5402; the watch’s straps are from premium fabric material. The watch is equipped with a water-resistant feature of 656 ft or 200 meters. The selling price of the wristwatch in the market is at $ 4,739.

Heritage Black Bay Model 79830RB-0001

If you’re that type of diver who loves wearing a luxury type of wristwatch, then this Tudor watch is entirely made for you. The watch belongs to the Heritage Black Bay series with a Pepsi inspired color for its bi-directional bezel. This timepiece is equipped with a black color dial with a luminescence finish. Its hour marker design is a simple dot with hands inspired by snowflakes in silver-tone, making the total appearance sophisticated and elegant.

Its round case is made of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal protecting its dial with a solid back. This luxurious automatic type of watch has a movement caliber of Tudor MT5652. The whole band of this wristwatch, including its buckle, is made of stainless steel, with a water-resistant feature of 656 ft/ 200 meters. The selling price of this in the market is at $4,349.


Finding the perfect luxurious brand as a diver is difficult because the other brands can not assure you of the high-quality and long-lasting watch you might be needing as a professional diver. Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the solution to your problems that could exceed your expectations.

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