Popular Game Fortnite Phub Search Has Skyrocketed 824% On The Famous Triple X Site

Fortnite phub

If you are a gamer, then it’s not possible that you haven’t heard of Fortnite. However, did you know that Fortnite phub is a thing now as well? The battle royale-style Fortnite game has also fallen into the clutches of eroticism. In other words, people are now searching about Fortnite on pornhub.

We know that Pornhub is a famous website for adult content. In fact, it includes a kinks and cosplays section as well. That’s why you will find Fortnite phub videos there as well. What’s interesting is, that this hardcore gaming sensation Fortnite has received a huge search spike on the site Pornhub.

Currently, this game has become incredibly popular and it shows on Pornhub as well. We can say that this game has generated a craze almost like Pokemon Go in 2016. However, it’s really bizarre that pornstars or adult actresses are now cosplaying Fortnite characters in their videos.

Fortnite phub

Needless to say that the stats of the page has shown staggering numbers. According to the recent spike, the number of Fortnite phub searches has increased to 824% almost. This is incredible as far as the numbers go.

So, if you want to know more about Fortnite and how it became so popular on Pornuhb, then you are at the right place. Go through this article if you want to know everything about the Fortnite phub story.

What Is Fortnite & How It Has Become So Popular

Most gamers know about battle royale games. Yes, we are talking about battlegrounds, pubg, etc. So, Fortnite is a game that has battle royal features. In fact, it’s qutie similar to Pubg, free fire, etc. Except, it has a more surrealistic experience with fun-looking characters and tasks.

The developer of this Fortnite game is Epic Studio. Needless to say, they couldn’t perhaps guess that their game would feature in the search engine of Pornhub. Fortnite phub has become a thing and we can’t stop it now.

So, Epic Games’ Fornite is a game that is all about surviving the Zombie attacks after about 80 million world population has been wi[ped out. It’s worth noting that the desktop version of this battle royale game has seen almost 4 million downloads. Of course, the mobile version of this game still has the most downloads.

People belonging to 18-24 just love to play this game because of the challenges. In fact, if you go to gaming platforms, like Twitch, you will see gamers streaming their Fortnite sessions.

On the other hand, a section of people are streaming something else: Fortnite phub it is. Yes, as we said earlier, some adult actresses are cosplaying the wacky and stylish characters of Fornite in their Porn videos.

The Popularity Of This Game On Phub

Kinks and fetishes don’t know any bounds and this is something that has been proved once again. If people can cosplay pokemon in adult videos, then Fortnite is nothing, as many users have claimed.

The popularity of this game has most certainly skyrocketed as of late. In other words, due to the fame of this game, there’s a recent surge of 824% in the Fortnite phub search. However, it wasn’t an unexpected thing because Fortnite is a very famous game that a lot of gamers play. And as we said earlier about kinks and fetishes, it’s a huge deal, especially in the world of erotica.

According to a Pornhub blog, “While Fortnite had a slow start on Pornhub, it has steadily gained ground over the last several months to become one of our top video game-related terms.”

So, now the question is, when did it become so popular in the first place? According to the data, the devs of Phub figured out that the interest in Fortnite on its site has increased since Epic Games launched the Battle Royale mode for the game.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that Twitch streamer Ninja and rapper Drake teamed up for a match. So, in that match, there were some references about Fortnite phub.

What Does The Search History Say?

So, the data analysts show that people have searched Fortnite Hentai, Fortnite porn, Fornite battle royale, etc on their website. In fact, it further showed that around 136% of men are likely to search these on the platform compared to 77% of women.

Needless to say, all of these show the craze for this game, with ain’t ending anytime soon. In fact, if you just type Fortnite on the search bar, you will see a lot of options popping up. Just search any one of them and you will get a list of Fortnite phub videos. Some of them would include cosplay sex while others might show hentai animation. So, all in all, if you love Fortnite and want to see the characters in an erotic self, then it’s time to search.


In the end, we can say that Fortnite is a popular game. The fact that people have searched it up on Pornhub shows the craze for this game. In other words, they want to view the characters of this battle royale game in a new light.

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