What are Documents Required for GST Registration?

GST Registration

According to a recent notification from the Central Board of Indirect and Customs Taxes, certain suppliers of goods do not need to register for GST if their annual turnover is less than Rs.40 lakh. However, as an MSME owner, it is always beneficial to know how to register with GST, as it may be in the service sector and the laws may change at any time. To enlist successfully, you must present the necessary documents for the GST registration, such as the PAN card, the Aadhaar card and the proof of address.

Here is a list of GST registration documents that you must provide according to your type of business.

Who should register for GST?

When you provide services within the state with an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 lakh and good providers within the state with an annual turnover of more than Rs.40 lakh, you must register with GST. In addition, providers within the state must register for GST.

What are the main documents necessary for the registration of GST?

The main documents for the GST registration include a PAN card, proof of business registration, identity, photographs and proof of address of the people in charge, proof of business address and bank statements.

GST Registration

You can prove your bank details using a bank statement, canceled check or an extract from your passbook. Similarly, proof of address can take the form of an electricity bill, a rental agreement, property documents, property tax declaration, etc.

GST registration documents for individuals and sole proprietors

  • Owner’s PAN car
  • Aadhaar card from the owner
  • Owner’s photograph
  • Proof of address
  • Bank account details

GST registration documents for associations and LLP

  • Company deed
  • PAN cards of partners involved
  • Photographs of partners involved
  • Proof of address of partners involved
  • Aadhaar card of any authorized signer
  • Proof of appointment of the signer
  • LLP Registration Proof
  • Bank Detail
  • Proof of principal address of the company

GST registration documents for Hindu undivided families (HUF)

  • HUF PAN card
  • Karta PAN card (family patriarch)
  • Owner’s photograph
  • Bank Detail
  • Proof of principal address of the company

GST registration documents for companies

  • Company PAN Card
  • Certificate of incorporation of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • Memorandum / Articles of Association
  • Proof of appointment of the signer
  • Signatory PAN Card
  • Signatory Aadhaar Card
  • PAN card of all directors
  • Proof of address of all directors
  • Bank Details
  • Proof of principal address of the company

Other information

  • List of goods and services
  • Authorized signature photo (soft copy)
  • For companies and LLPs, it is necessary to have a digital signature (class 2 digital signature) of the authorized person to sign the GST application.
  • Proof of appointment letter of authorized signatory (letter of authorization or copy of board resolution)
  • Certificate of incorporation (for the company)
  • Other regulatory registration details like business tax, state excise license details (if applicable)

Once you have the necessary documents ready for GST registration, you can follow the process to comply with the law. As an MSME owner, also keep in mind that having certain important documents in place also helps you get funds quickly. For example, you can obtain unsecured financing of up to Rs.30 lakh through the MSME Loan of Bajaj Finserv by producing documents such as your business proof, financial statements, KYC documents, and passport-size photography. This loan allows you to close working capital gaps, hire staff, buy inventory and scale your supply cycle.