6 Uses of Tyvek Wristbands That Are Very Practical

6 Uses of Tyvek Wristbands That Are Very Practical

Wristbands are a mighty tool when organising big crowds at events. They are very easy and simple to use. You just place it around the wrist, remove the adhesive tab and wrap it around the wrist until it goes no further. Finish it by sticking the adhesive security tab to the band at the end. The recommended use is 1-2 days for maximum performance.

Made of strong, long-lasting and waterproof Tyvek material in the shape of a wristband they prompt clear overlook into groups of people, children or any other gathering of people so that the security detail can easily pinpoint everyone and their allowed movement. Their use can be seen in different scenarios and all of these scenarios provide people with security and decreased the time of waiting in queues. Here are 6 awesome uses you’ve never realised how practical they are.

Tagging Children on Excursion

Going on an excursion or a field day with children can be a nightmare. To avoid the chance of some of the kids wandering off, a Tyvek wristband can be an easy solution. All the children should wear a wristband printed with their name and the responsible teacher’s telephone number. In case a kid is lost people can help them get back to their group by contacting the teacher.

Tagging Small Animals

Tyvek wristbands are an excellent solution to use in the zoo or in other places where animals are kept. When there is a birth and there are several baby animals, the zookeeper or the animal caretaker can tag them with wristbands and write or print on them some general information about the animals. This way, they will easily differentiate between the baby animals. Because you can buy Tyvek wristbands online you can choose as many colours you want and make the differentiation even easier. 

Name the Plants at Home

If you are a plant enthusiast and enjoy taking care of the luscious greenery in your garden or at home, use Tyvek wristbands to tag the plants and write their names on it. As the Tyvek wristbands come in different patterns and colours you can use them for more specific tagging purposes – for example, the plant that needs to be watered daily with a red wristband whereas the plant that needs to be watered once in a few days with a yellow wristband.

Private Parties in the Club

If you are organising or are part of a private party in the Club you can arrange to have Tyvek wristbands so that everyone invited to the party is tagged. For example, if you are throwing a hen party for your best friend, then you can have the wristbands printed with some interesting names, like “Girls on tour”, “Henfest”, “I do crew”, “The bride tribe” etc.

Food Allergy Alert

If you or any other family member suffers from severe allergic reactions you can get Tyvek wristbands and have them printed with an alert message. By doing this you will help that person when they are at a restaurant or anywhere near food and such an allergic reaction happens.

Dance Recitals

Dance recitals are always fun. At least for the parents to watch. But for teachers, it can be a really excruciating job planning it and making sure everything goes well. The Tyvek wristbands can help in the organisation as the assistant teachers will know which kid is up to perform next.