Should you Hire Promotional Models? Five Tips for hiring the best Event Staff

Hire Promotional Models

Promotional models are a perfect addition if you are planning on joining a trade show or hosting a launch event. Apart from promoting your brand, they also help materialize and embody your brand message. Hiring one is like having an extended marketing team and a brand ambassador at the same time. They would not only help you market your products and services, but they would also give your brand a human face or feel to it. 

Given that hiring a promotional model does not always mean burning a hole in your pocket, we have listed a few good reasons why you should hire one as well as some tips on how to hire the best staff every time you host or participate in an event. 

1. Work with people you trust

As we all know, the best staff anyone could ever have is someone who is honest and trustworthy. That being said, try to look for promotional models from previous agencies you have already worked with. Most of the time, these advertising or brand ambassador agency usually offer a one-stop-shop where you can hire people to help you prepare for an event.

So if you are looking for a promotional model, then we highly suggest you try and look at agencies that you already trust. Doing this would not only iron out all the details of the event planning process, but it would also allow you to negotiate the best rates since you have already worked with them before. 

However, if you are still a newbie in the industry and you still have not worked with brand ambassador agencies before, then we highly suggest you turn to one who has the most experience in your sector. There are several agencies out there that have a specific niche or market. That being the case, getting help from people who already have experience and knowledge about your sector would surely help.

2. Ask around

Since there is only so much you can know and ask an advertising or brand agency, we figured that the best way to fully get to know an agencies’ capability is to ask people who have already worked with them. This way, you would have a better idea of how they accomplish and deliver their work. 

Another way to accomplish this is to simply ask your business friends even from a different sector. Given that you are probably not the first and only one to host an event with a promotional model, it would not hurt to ask and get agency recommendations from colleagues and friends in the business circle. After all, first-hand experience of a friend or a trusted colleague would make the process of hiring the best event staff a lot easier. 

3. Choose people from the same industry

As we have mentioned before, hiring people from the same industry would make the whole event planning process a lot easier. 

Aside from having people you can trust, you would also be saving a huge amount of time in training. When you hire people from the same industry, you no longer have to worry about explaining everything down to the last detail. Having someone who already knows the ins and outs of the industry would make the planning process a lot easier. On top of that, you can also hear event planning suggestions from them since they probably already worked with some of your competitors in the past as well. 

4. Look beyond the superficial

When hiring a trade show or promotional model, you should look beyond their looks and track record. There is a myth ongoing around the industry that you need to hire popular people for this role. However, it is worth pointing out that there is no hard rule when it comes to hiring a promotional model. 

While hiring popular promotional models would surely contribute to your brand awareness, we still think that work ethic, attitude, and personality are the most important aspects. Even though you managed to hire an A-list model for your brand, if he/she does not wholeheartedly promote and represent your brand, it would just simply go to waste. 

In fact, from what we observed, simply hiring a promotional model who is genuine and committed to promoting your products (even though they are not that famous) can already help you boost brand awareness. That being said, you need to find someone who can wholeheartedly represent your brand and recommend your products in a heartbeat. 

5. Stick to your budget

One of the most common mistakes that businesses tend to make when hiring a promotional model is they tend to exceed their initial budget. While we understand that some promotional models can truly burn a hole in your pocket, it is worth pointing out that there are still several options you can opt for. 

For example, rather than hiring an A-list model, you can instead try contacting several people from your local community instead. This strategy is especially helpful if you are just starting to gain your consumers’ trust. Besides, what better way to establish your credibility other than have someone from your local community vouch for your products or services?