Stacy Cruz – Bio, Family, Life Facts, Net Worth 2020

Stacy Cruz
Stacy Cruz is an adult film actress, born on 24 March 1999 in Czech Republic. In 2014, she started her career in adult entertainment industry with the film studio ‘TMW Network’.

To begin with, Stacy Cruz is a young ad^lt movie actress. She is from a country called the Czech Republic. In a short period, the young actress is part of several movies. 

Read through the article to know who is Stacy Cruz? What does she do for a living? 

Summary on Stacy Cruz 

As mentioned before she is an actress. Usually, Stacy plays roles in ad^lt movies. Apart from this, she is also a model. Stacy has modeled for many agencies throughout her career. In addition to this, Stacy in her career as an actress has appeared in several videos. 

Quick Facts of Stacy Cruz

Full Name

Stacy Cruz

21 years old
Date Of Birth
Prague Czech Republic
Place Of Birth
March 24, 1999
Known for
ad^lt movie actress, entertainer

When was Stacy Cruz born? 

As stated in the earlier part of the article Stacy is a young ad^lt actress. Her date of birth is on 24 March 1999 in the Czech Republic. As of 2020, Stacy Cruz is 21 years old. The real name of the actress is Stacy but she is famous by other names. One such name by which Stacy became popular is little pea. 

Also, being a March born Stacy’s star sign is Aries. As per the zodiac sign predictions, Aries are passionate and motivated. These two traits are apparent in Stacy’s attitude. 

Who are the parents of Stacy Cruz? 

As an ad^lt industry actress Stacy has kept her family life away from the media. Usually, the actress tries and keeps their family life away from the media to avoid rumors. So in other words there is no information about the names of Stacy’s parents. 

But only the information available on her is that she is Czech by nationality. Also, Stacy’s ethnicity is English. 

What is the education qualification of Stacy? 

Various researches show that Stacy went to high school. But there is no information about the name of the school. It is also not known if she went to high school in the Czech Republic or elsewhere. 

Apart from that, she has gone to high school no other education qualification details are available. In fact, there is no information to support if she is going to college or not. 

How is the physical appearance of Stacy Cruz? 

In the first place, Stay is a beautiful young woman. She is very tall and has an athletic physique. Stacy stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches. Her toned body tells us that she works-out frequently. 

Coming to her facial features she has grey eyes and a clean nose. Her eyes are deep and beautiful. In addition to this Stacy has long auburn hair. Overall, the stunning ad^lt movie actor Stacy is confident in her role. 

A note on the career of Stacy Cruz 

Stacy Cruz is an actress and a model. She made her debut in the ad^lt film industry in the year 2017. In her career, Stacy has appeared 50 films. Being a part of 50 movies in a short time is no joke. Stacy’s relentless effort is the main reason for her achievements. 

Her performance in various movies is well-received. Even more, in 2019, Stacy received a nomination for an award. The award is “Best Stat 2019 Litle Caprice Dreams” In the same year, she won the award. The European star Stacy is famous for a few roles. One such role of Stacy is immersive virtual reality. She is also famous for her hardcore website clips. 

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Apart from this Stacy is part of various other roles. In fact, she continues to appear in several production houses. Some of these houses are Czech VR, private, and doghouse digital production. 

As of now, Stacy is the ambassador to a website. This website makes virtual reality videos. The ad^lt movie actress has achieved so much in such less time. She is one such actress to look out for in the future. 

Is Stacy Cruz in any relationship? 

No, Stacy Cruz is in no relationship. Even more, there is no information about her past relationship life. 

How is Stacy on social media? 

Stacy Cruz is a very active and social person. She has accounts on multiple social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter. Just on Instagram, the actress has over 100k followers. Also, on the twitter account, she has 110 followers. 

What is the net worth of Stacy Cruz? 

The estimation of Stacy’s net worth is around $2 million USA dollars. Most of her income comes from being an ad^lt movie actress and model. Stacy is very successful in her career. This is the reason for her money. 

Bottom Line 

To sum it up, Stacy is a successful and popular actress. She appears in ad^lt movies under different roles. Apart from being an actress, Stacy is also a model. Her success is visible in her wealth.

Additionally, Stacy is very active on social media. But her personal, family, and relationship life is kept a secret. The reason for this may be to protect her privacy.

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