How Old is Sir Cruse? What Is His Net Worth?

How Old is Sir Cruse

Apart from how much the net worth of Sir Cruse is, there is another question that everyone continues to ask. That is, how old is Sir Cruse? It is one of the baffling questions that many feel concerned with because the individual continues to appear shockingly young despite his age. But let us begin with who he is. Those who do not know who Sir Cruse is, let us share with you that he is a youtube star with 554,000 subscribers. 

Sir Cruse : Bio & Wiki

✔ Real Name Sir Cruse
✔ Birthday November 9, 1991
✔ Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, US
✔ Nationality American
✔ Movies N/A
✔ Height 5 feet 8 inches
✔ Profession YouTube Star
✔ Spouse N/A
✔ Age As of 2021, He is 30 Year Old
✔ Salary/Income Under Review
✔ Net Worth $100,000
✔ Parents Valerie Cruse, William Senior
✔ Siblings Chris Pine

Sir Cruse And How He Gears Up For His Videos:

Sir Cruse recently posted a TikTok video in which he finally answered the most asked question. That is, how old is Sir Cruse? Recently the Google search result claimed that he was 29 years old. The star who we know for his 360 wave hair videos has gained the spotlight for all the good reasons. 

William Cruse, who we know as Sir Cruse is 54 years old YouTuber. We know him for posting videos on hairstyles. In Particular, he posts videos of the ones that involve styling the hair with waves. Some sources had claimed that he looked 29 years old. However, he set the record for the question “how old is Sir Cruse?” Right. 

Setting The Record Straight:

In the video he claimed, “I’m 54, where do y’all get 29 from? I was born in 1965. That’s why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet.” Truth be told, we do not know if Sir Cruse does anything outside his YouTube career. However, we do know that he is very regular when it comes to posting videos on YouTube. 

At least twice a week he posts videos. And the number of viewers he has, it is no wonder that it might be his main source of income. As he posts twice a week, one can assume that YouTube is his main source of work. His videos are sometimes over four hours long. Moreover, many know him to be best for sharing and discussing hair techniques. 

360 waves are the hairstyle that many associates with him as most of the videos are about how to achieve that style. Many times, Sir Cruse has also posted reaction videos of others who have attempted the 360 wave hair. Now coming to TikTok. On that platform, he has about 374.3 thousand followers. Moreover, his Instagram account has achieved a similar number of followers as well. 

What Is His Net Worth?

He is very active on all the social media platforms he uses. Starting from YouTube to Instagram, to TikTok even. He often uses his TikTok account to comment on other videos that went viral. Some of the topics of his coverage include wave hairstyle and other unrelated topics. One of the sources claimed that his net worth is close to $100,000.  

Ending note:

When it comes to soaring high, Sir Cruse wishes to reach 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Let’s see how far he goes.