Who Is Erin Morrow, The Wife Of Josh Hawley?

Josh Hawley
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Did you know that GOP senator Josh Hawley has tied the marital knots to a former law professor at the University of Missouri? As per the sources, her name is Erin Morrow and she is also a lawyer. Currently, the pair reside in Columbia, Missouri but they also own their home in Northern Virginia. In fact, they had purchased it when Josh was elected to US Senate.

So, if you wish to know more about Erin Morrow, the wife of Josh Hawley, then you will find some interesting info here. We will provide you with some riveting facts about the couple and how they are doing right now.

A Brief On The Wife Of Josh Hawley

We know that Josh Hawley, the 41-year-old Republican US Senator from Missouri is quite popular. So, those of you who know him may also know that he has married Lawyer Erin Morrow Hawley.

As per the sources, Erin is one of the most prominent lawyers who take their works very seriously. In fact, she is a senior legal fellow at Independent Womenโ€™s law center where she works at.

Itโ€™s worth noting that on a previous occasion she served as an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Missouri. At that University she even taught Constitutional Litigation, Federal income tax, Agricultural law, tax policy, and various other stuff. So, we can see that she has great knowledge of a lot of subjects.

As a person who practices law, she has also practiced Appellate Law at King & Spalding LLP and Kirkland & Ellis LP in Washington DC.

Furthermore, she has also worked at the Department of Justice as a counsel to General Michael Mukasey, an Attorney. Moreover, Erin has also served as a former Clerk to Chief justice John G Roberts Jr, who is part of the Supreme court.

So, from her career, we can see that she has worked at various places and has gathered astute knowledge in her field. In addition, the experience she has gained over these ventures in her life is something thatโ€™s unbelievable.

Marriage To Senator Josh Hawley

So, as we know already, Erin Morrow has tied knots with US senator Josh Hawley. As per the sources, the duo met each other in around 2008-2009 and decided to tie the knots in 2010. Moreover, itโ€™s also worth noting that she share three children together. The name of their children are, Elijah, Blaise, and Abigail, with the recent being Abigail.

So, Erin Morrow and her husband Josh announced that they have welcomed their daughter Abigail in the week of November 2020. In fact, they shared the news with the public via Facebook. So, Josh said, โ€œErin and I were blessed by the arrival of our daughter Abigail- Our third child and first girl!. Momma and baby are both doing great.โ€ In addition, he also shared a few snaps of Erin and the baby. He commented that he was bringing his girls home, both the mother and the baby.

Doing A Podcast Together

Did you know that on 25tth Oct 2021 Josh announced on Twitter that he and his wife Erin are starting a podcast? In fact, he added that the podcast is about their family, faith, and the things that matter the most to their life. The name of their Podcast is This is Living.

Josh even attached a 47-second video trailer with the tweet as well. Moreover, they aired the first episode on the same day where the couple introduced themselves and their mission. Itโ€™s worth noting that you can listen to the Podcast on Apple.