Piggy Chapter 11 Details And Everything You Need To Know

Piggy Chapter 11

Piggy chapter 11 is a horror and a survival game that is a parody of Peppa Pig and Granny. The game creators Mini Toon have released many popular games, and the Piggy Chapter is one of them. In this survival game, the player must pass through all the obstacles and escape the dangers along the way. Also, there is a piggy timer before which the player should survive and escape. If the player chooses the character of piggy, then they have to kill everyone and prevent others from escaping. The player must escape each chapter to reach the next level. The game keeps on getting tougher at each level. The new Piggy Chapter 11 is going to release soon, and you can find more details about it in this article. 

Piggy Chapter 11

The game form 

Every player must unlock different items to reach the exit location. When reaching the exit door, the player must pass through, traitors, traps, and piggies. The traps in the game will stun the player for some time. The player gets the opportunity to kill the traitor and the piggy for about 20 seconds. The Piggy Chapter can be played in diverse ways as there are different modes available in the game. The five most important modes in the game are Bot, Player, Player-Bot, Traitor, and Infection. Below you can see detailed information about the game modes and characters. 

Details about Piggy chapter 11 game characters and mode

when will piggy chapter 11 come out

  • Player mode 

In this game, the player can choose to be a piggy or a survivor. If the player chooses the character of piggy, then they have to kill everyone to win the game. 

  • Bot and the player mode 

In the game mode, two piggies are the Player and the Bot. The task of both these piggies is to fight or kill any survivors. 

  • The Bot mode 

In this mode, the Bot or AL is the piggy, so it attacks and kills every player that is near to it. It does not use traps or obstacles but kills the player with weapons. 

  • The infection mode 

The infection mode is similar to the player mode of the Piggy Chapter. In this mode, the player cannot select a character as any player is randomly selected as a piggy. Also, if any player dies, they can join the piggies and kill everyone in the game. The game comes to an end if the piggy kills everyone or if the survivor escapes all the trials. 

  • The traitor mode 

The traitor mode is also known as the party mode. Here the Bot is the piggy, and a player is chosen randomly as a Traitor. The traitor should kill every player to win the game. Also, the game comes to an end if the traitor kills everyone or if the piggy kills the traitor. Further, in this mode, there are weapons with which the player can kill the piggy. In this mode, the traitor and piggy have similar powers and strengths. For the player, it may seem that the traitor has no abilities, but when the clock turns to 8:59, the traitor receives the knife from killing everyone. 

Chapter 11 details 

What about the Piggy chapter 11 Release date?

when is piggy chapter 11 coming out? : The release of the Piggy Chapter 11 is not known, but it is expected to release in May 2020. However, this release can prolong due to the worldwide pandemic. Also, the new updates of the game can be seen here. 


Piggy chapter 11 Updates 

The spoilers of the Piggy Chapter are out now. However, if you want the game to be thrilling, then you can skip this information. Due to the notes in chapter 2, many think that doggy is a police officer. Many fan theories suggest that the bunny does not get infected. Mr. P may be the villain, but it is not certain. Also, there are many fan theories about the Piggy Chapter airport


The Piggy Chapter is a mysterious and interesting game played by many across the world. The players are very curious to know more about the new chapter.