FlexClip Review: Top 8 Features You Should Know

FlexClip Review: Top 8 Features You Should Know

In this era of social media, when people real life has become virtual and virtual life has become real. Video content has made the most progress, and why not as it is one of the best ways to communicate with others and make them understand your thoughts. 

No matter whether you want to create professional business videos or personal video stories to share with friends and family, FlexClip video maker is the best place for you as it simplifies the process and makes it very easy to use. Just turn your creativity into amazing videos using FlexClip. The best part is anyone can use this without any professional knowledge.


You can create various types of videos using FlexClip. For eg: Business, Real estate video, Explainer video, Education video, Promo video, Corporate video, Tutorial video and so more…

Let’s discuss some features of FlexClip.

One can get all the features for free in FlexClip, for which you will need to pay some amount when using other video editors out there. 


  1. Trim Video

FlexClip Video Trimmer offers you an easy way to cut a clip you actually want from the video file to edit. You can do it to make the video combination more smoothly, using the trimmer you can cut the video, preview it, and adjust it until you get the perfect length of the video.

  1. Add Music to your Videos

FlexClip Audio Editing Tools enable you to background music to your videos and make them more appealing and attractive. You get the option to add audio in various formats mp3, mp4, avm, wmv etc so that you can add your favourite music without any need of converting it. With the help of this feature, you can create attractive music videos.

  1. Add Text to Video file

FlexClip Text Editor enables you to add text to your video it will help your viewers to understand the topic more clearly and easily. FlexClip provides some simple yet special text animations to make the text interesting for the audience. 

  1. Add a voice over 

FlexClip Voice Recorder enables you to record your voice and add it to your video without any difficulty. Using adjust the narration feature you can make it match to the video. Adding voiceover to your videos helps your viewers in understanding the content well.

  1. Export in high video resolution

Unlike other editors where you only get 360p in free versions and for better quality you need to pay more, FlexClip allows you to export videos in different resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p. So you can get the best quality of the video as per your demands.

  1. No watermarks

Yes you heard it correct, FlexClip doesn’t give a watermark on your videos, this means your video will belong to only you even after editing it using the FlexClip, and I think this is the most amazing feature one can get. Not only this but FlexClip enables you to add a custom watermark to the video easily. So you can add a watermark to protect the copyright of your videos. 

  1. Media Library Free

You will get an unlimited number of high-resolution photos, royalty-free video footages, and music tracks which you can use in your videos without any hesitation. You just need to type keywords to find the media files you want. So the perfect video awaits only a few searches away. 

  1. FlexClip Learning Center

Yes, they even provide you with thousands of articles, videos etc from where you can master the art of editing and become a professional editor for free. 

Final words

For those who do not have the skills or look for a fast method to create effective videos, FlexClip, have provided an excellent service with which to make a video in a few minutes. These were also some amazing features of FlexClip. So why not visit their website (https://www.flexclip.com/) and start your editing journey now? We believe that this tool (for now incredibly free) could accompany you throughout the video production process until its publication.