5 Best Hand Grip Camera Strap and Buying Guide

Hand Grip Camera Strap

Getting a hand grip camera strap could be the ideal solution for giving you complete control over your camera and preventing any drop-offs or slips. A good grip always will help you keep the camera stable and in control, whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer. We have discussed some of the best strap you can buy for your camera in the article below.

Why Do You Need a Hand Grip Camera Strap?

  • You will carry your camera more easily and properly if you use a hand grip camera strap.
  • A hand grip makes it easier and faster to access your camera, allowing you to be ready to shoot at any time.
  • A grip camera strap adds extra support and stability to your shots, which is especially useful when using heavy cameras or lenses.
  • They are also adaptable, allowing you to find the best fit for your hand.
  • A hand grip camera strap reduces stress in your neck and shoulders, decreasing the risk or muscle pain in those places.
  • Hand straps often have extra functions that can be useful when shooting. Quick-release buckles, padded handles, and built-in straps for connecting additional gear are some of such features.

Hand Grip Camera Strap

How to Pick the Best Camera Hand Grip Strap?


The proper hand camera strap is easily adjustable to fit your hand. Most straps can be adjusted. However, choose one that is simple to adjust while remaining tight in your palm so it does not slip when shooting.


It is critical to consider the fabric of your hand grip camera strap. Obviously, different materials have benefits and drawbacks. Although fabric material is the most soft and breathable, while leather is waterproof and may be more durable.


The material will have a big impact on comfort, but so will the form and, if any, cushioning. Check to see if there is any padding to help make the strap more suitable, particularly for those long days of shooting.


Hand grip camera straps are available in a variety of sizes. Some are bigger and more solid, making them ideal for heavier DSLR cameras. Other straps are designed for light mirrorless or point-and-shoot cameras and are smaller in size.

Shooting style 

If you’re constantly on the move, you’ll need a strap that’s both comfortable to wear and simple to adjust. If you primarily shoot from a tripod, a shorter, sturdier hand strap is ideal.

5 Best Hand Grip Camera Strap 

Peak Design CL-3 Clutch Hand Strap

The Peak Design CL-3 Clutch hand strap is the ideal for photographers. Peak Design is a well-known producer of photography accessories. And their wrist strap collection is no exception. Their CL-3 combines high build quality, low price, and usability. This hand strap will appeal to photographers of all skill levels.

Peak Design CL-3 Clutch Hand Strap

When working with heavier cameras, the CL-3 Clutch hand strap provides stability and security. It works with all DSLR cameras, even the most advanced full-frame ones. The camera hooks can support up to 200 lb (90 kg), so you won’t have to worry about your camera falling out. The microfiber pad improves the user experience as well.

Vello Hand Grip Strap

The Vello Hand Grip Camera Strap is an ideal buy for your DSLR or mirrorless camera. The materials are of the best mark. It’s a comfortable, durable, and fairly priced piece of gear for any professional photographer. Its sleek and subtle form makes it a great choice for stealth street photographers.

Vello Hand Grip Strap

One of the main advantages of the Vello Strap is its comfort. The supple leather part is comfortable against your hand. There is also no friction around the wrist area to create pain. The extra cushioning also makes it more comfortable to use heavier cameras and lenses.

For added security, you can attach the hand strap to two places on the camera. The nylon cord is wrapped through the strap ring. The strap also has a quick mechanism for quick adjustments.

Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro V2

Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro V2 is a high-quality camera strap. It’s tough and durable, providing the added security you need when handling expensive camera gear. This isn’t the cheapest choice on the list. However, the strength and durability ensure that you receive great value for money.

Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro V2

The S-shaped hand grip is designed for comfort while allowing you to use your other hand to control the camera controls. There’s also a wrist strap for increased security. You may change the tightness to achieve the ideal balance of ease and usability. The quick-release baseplate ensures that the camera does not move.

There is no rubbing or stinging because it is made of a low-friction material. Yet, it is sturdy enough to support professional cameras and lenses. The quick-release buttons allow you to easily remove the wrist strap.

Joby UltraFit Hand Strap

The Joby UltraFit Hand Strap is a small and simple strap perfect for any mirrorless or DSLR camera. Don’t let the plain design deceive you—well it’s worth the cost. It has a great grip and will keep your camera safe. It’s also an excellent camera strap for long photo-shoots. It has two points of contact. For an ultra-secure attachment to the camera, the lower uses an Arca-Swiss baseplate. The two other straps are also adjustable, allowing you to get the ideal fit.

Joby UltraFit Hand Strap

For comfort, the camera hand strap offers thick yet minimal padding. You’ll be able to shoot for long periods of time without becoming tired or annoyed.  When shooting by hand, though, it provides you with comfort, control, and flexibility. It’s a popular option for photographers of all genres.

USA Gear Dual-Grip Hand Strap

The USA Gear Dual-Grip hand strap provides the extra security you need. It avoids terrible events with your camera gear. But, it is reasonably priced. It’s not made with the best materials. It’s also not the most stylish. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it offers good camera support.

This hand strap from USA Gear has a two-point connection system that hooks onto the top and bottom of your camera. The bottom link screws into the tripod base, so it won’t fall off.

The hand strap pad provides comfort and allows you to adjust for a secure fit. There’s also the wrist strap for further security. It also offers wrist support, allowing you to shoot for longer periods of time without experiencing pain or tiredness. It also aids in the distribution of the load of the camera in your arm.


You can keep your hands free while having your camera close by with a hand grip camera strap. These are ideal for hiking or other activities that require both hands to be free. We have mentioned the 5 best hand grip with their feature and drawbacks in the article below to help you make a better decision when buying one.

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