A Peaceful Home: 4 Ideas to Create a Zenlike Living Space

A Peaceful Home 4 Ideas to Create a Zenlike Living Space

Can 10 minutes of meditation change your life?

Health experts agree that meditation can lower your blood pressure and pain levels, while also boosting your immune system and cognitive functions. However, consistency’s key. Simply meditating here and there, isn’t as effective as meditating 10-30 minutes every day.

Unfortunately, when your home’s a noisy mess, finding a spot to meditate can be tricky. To help you create a peaceful home that promotes mindful behaviors, we’ve created this short guide. From choosing a color scheme to selecting zen decor, there’s a ton of things you can do to feel centered at home.

Read on to learn how to transform your hectic home into a relaxing space.

  1. Take a Stand Against Clutter

Eliminating clutter is the first step you should take to create a peaceful home atmosphere. Look at the items you own and ask yourself whether or not you’ve used them in the last month. If items aren’t getting used, toss or donate, without giving them a second thought! Start with your living room, and systematically work your way through each room in your house.

  1. Choose a Serene Color Scheme

Once your home’s free of clutter, you can start decorating. However, to get the most out of your interior decorating, you’ll first want to choose a color scheme.

Neutral, earthy colors, like beige, green, and brown, tend to work best for creating a zen theme. White and black color schemes can also be relaxing if you’re looking for a more contemporary approach.

After you choose a color scheme, paint the walls, and find large rugs that compliment the new coats of paint. We find that flat weave rugs are both comfortable, and pleasant looking. Next, start looking for relaxing decor that you can put on the walls, such as nature art.

  1. Create Digital Detox Zones

As you begin setting up your zen decor, look for spaces in your home that can be digital detox zones. The detox zones are relaxing spaces, where family members can lounge, without being in front of a television. For instance, if you have a corner area with an outside view, place a few bean bags there. Next, add in some lighting to make a cozy home reading spot.

  1. Promote Airflow and Aromatics

Last, on our list of zen room ideas, let’s talk about airflow and aromatics. Relaxation at home is easiest when everyone is comfortable, and breathing freely. To help create a strong flow of air in your home, have your ceiling fans spin clockwise during the winter months.

The clockwise direction will create an updraft that pushes warm air down and keeps cool air up. In the summer, you can reverse the fan’s direction to be counterclockwise, to keep things nice and cool!

Lastly, use aromatic diffusers that disperse essential oils into the air. Peppermint is great for perking everyone up in the morning, whereas lavender oils can help promote peaceful evenings.

Feel Centered in Your Peaceful Home

Creating a peaceful home doesn’t mean rushing out to buy a Buddha statue. Instead, zen spaces are all about settling your mind and relaxing your body.

Spend some time in your living room today, looking for things that are just taking up space. Begin gathering up the junk you don’t need, and if you’re not donating it, throw it away today!

When you’re sure your home’s free of clutter then you can start looking into rugs and zen decor that will match your color scheme. For more tips like these, explore the rest of our site.

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