The Hottest Prince on Disney: A List to Choose From

Hottest Prince on Disney
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Being a prince of Disney has been one of the wildest dreams of several male followers of Disney, in their youths. Apart from that, considering the appeal of the princes that Disney produces, many girls have been going mad for them, especially in their childhoods and teens.

After all, to a young mind, the charm of these princes has been irresistible. The craze behind these Disney princes is such that many people around the globe are opting for the names of these characters as the names of their male children.

However, Disney audiences are largely different in their choice of these characters. This means that various people prefer various princes. In fact, this is only expected when there are numerous options to choose from.

Therefore, the battle rages even today and will be never-ending. However, if you look objectively, you will definitely to able to locate some of the princes who are hotter than the others. Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the hottest Disney princes, this article is the perfect stop.

The List 

Here goes a list of some of the hottest and most appealing prince characters from Disney. Though they will be arranged in some order, personal preferences might vary:

Prince Eric 

If you are a fan of blue eyes and dark black hair, then you cannot resist the charm of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. In fact, he is one of the best prince characters that Disney has produced to date. That is why he is regarded widely as the hottest hunk in the Disney fraternity. This romantic and cute prince has been the wildest dream of many. Therefore, he tops our list.


Aladdin or Prince Ali looks very similar to Eric. However, Ali has a stronger personality as compared to Eric. Moreover, his adventurous life along with the flying carpet and the other magical items that come with him, are enough to make him one of the best choices in this category. 

The List 

Flynn Rider 

If you are looking for one of the sexiest princes on Disney, then you cannot escape the charms of Flynn Rider’s hair flip and impressive eyebrows. Moreover, he is a CGI. Though he is a thief, the classic appearance of this character makes him a really appealing one. That is why girls and boys go mad behind this prince from Tangled. 

Prince Naveen 

Well, this prince features in most of The Princess and the Frog, as a frog. However, when he turns into his true human character, he makes every girl run mad. If you prefer a prince of colour, with a taste for music and a beautiful accent, then Naveen is someone who can drive you crazy. That is why he is a ready choice on the list. 

Flynn Rider 
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Li Shang

He is a real hunk. The attractive prince from Mulan has a stout body featuring prominent muscles. Therefore, if you are a fan of muscular men with a stout personalities, then Shang is a ready choice for you. Though he is a chauvinist, that is something that gets overshadowed by his charm and appeal.

Prince Adam

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast might seem a very scary thing initially. However, when it turns into Prince Adam, he becomes one of the most beautiful sweethearts. In fact, according to many, he deserves a higher place on the list. However, the competition is a tight one and you really feel the heat when making a choice among the top ones.

Li Shang


1. Who is the most appealing prince of Disney?

Well, making a choice here is a hard one. However, it should be one of the top two entries in this article. 

2. Who are the best princes from Disney?

Follow the list to get to know about some of the hottest princes from Disney.

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